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Minecraft 1.6.2

I have updated the server to 1.6.2.

No ones been playing since 1.6 came out so now that we have been able to update, you can come back and play!

We look forward to seeing you.


Since Omo kept greifing my spawn message board I setup the first day of the new map, I’ll post it here.
We need more spawn built. We are looking for cool buildings, no cobble or dirt buildings, and no personal houses.

We are looking for Shops, towers, public buildings, epic builds, cool stuff etc  — No creative please – That includes Admins and Owners.
You may build within 3 blocks of an established build, any closer you should ask its builder or an Owner.
Walkways, roads, bushes, trees, gardens or landscaping is permit-able, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetic look of any building
that you don’t own. Spawn is considered a 1000 block radius. Tunnels and underground activity is OK as long as it doesn’t interfere with
some other building/underground structure.

Any epic builds or super cool looking builds at spawn and you could earn a reward. Please contact Owner cnc, show me your build to collect if it meets my expectations – Admins not eligible.



I updated our graphic at the top, its now our more recent teh3l3m3nts sign with the evil hand.
The previous one was from our previous main world which is old world now.


Sup all, Surf here! I'll be brief. Monitoring status of bukkit dev builds, hopefully we'll upgrade to 1.6.2 soon, but not yet.

I was with family over the weekend, so I was off...I got back, and no one was on...so I took the opportunity to update some hardware. Take a look at the video below:

Surf’s thoughts on the homes debate

So, just some thoughts. I've heard the discussions, but I think there's some global consequences to think about.

It seems to me that the more/less homes discussion is a consequence of a different discussion...what's really going on here is people want to do more of a local-community-vanilla style build, whereas homes, tp, and excessive use of creative turn the game into a "go off on your own and build creatively" situation. The arguments I've heard for cutting homes down basically boil down to this...

...and that's ok, but I have a concern about that. We never had that as a rule, and to now be like "hey people way out with your own builds, now you can't bounce back to them easily because other people want to play like this" that sucks. Part of the unspoken promise of this server is if you do insane long-term builds, we'll do what we can do to protect them. Playing on a server for 2 months and then having it disappear sucks...we are a 2.5 year old server and that's an implicit promise in our model.

/home is just a way to bounce to a far away location without having to walk...in a way it's no different than /tpa or /tpahere...or /mv_tp or /spawn for that reason. I don't feel that cutting out /home would solve the problems/complaints, and at the same time it would dramatically change the game for people who are just doing their thing. Also, to cut homes out, to actually accomplish anything other than annoy people with a bunch of homes, we have to cut out other commands as well.

There's a compromise in here somewhere though. I understand the need for a more-vanilla, command-less experience. Lots of ideas have been bounced around...second server, with some hack to tie in the chats and stuff? That's 2x the maintenance, 2x the bandwidth, 2x the cost, it's easier to upgrade a vanilla server than a plugin-based server, member changes have to be made 2x...it just sucks. It's a crappy solution, and it'd be a hard fork in the community.

There's been an idea I've floated for a while...I think it's the best compromise, but it's a big ass technical hurdle. How about a vanilla world. While in this world...no commands will work other than /msg and such. You can't /spawn, /home, /tpa, /tpahere, etc. You can't /mv_tp in/out. The only way in or out would be a command block in main world spawn...that would enforce a /clearinventory before sending you, and the only way out without dying would be a command block in vanilla world spawn. There's some shortcomings here...there'd be no working nether/end portals (as is the case with any multiverse world). Also...we'd knock out any Admin commands in this world...just owners for maximum control of grief-fixing and such. (though I don't think we can do a by-world /deop...) I need to do some research, but at the minimum I would like to demo this idea...expect me to build a "vanilla world hub" somewhere in spawn soon to test the command block setup.

There was another idea I had recently and hadn't even talked to Mike about yet...but I haven't thought it all the way through yet. We make a new class of /Member, maybe called /Member_Vanilla, with the reduced permissions set...then members can request to be in one or the other. Basically, you could elect to be in a group of people with more restricted gameplay modes...which kind of locks you to the type of gameplay people are requesting. This then also doesn't bother people (like pwn) that build far and are just keeping to themselves.

Thoughs? Nothing is decided yet.

Homes DIscussion

There has been a discussion about changing the homes system.

I’ve added the poll below so that you may cast your vote about this.

PS, The result of the poll, is up to the owners to decide to implement, or not 😉

[poll id=”21″]

Network Migration COMPLETE

So, after my POST SKYRIM COMA, I finally got around to finishing my network migration. The old setup, if you remember, and the proposed new setup, were documented here. Now, the new state is done and executed HERE:


The important thing is that all cables were custom cut to be optimal length, meaning no link from the server to the gateway is more than 3 feet. Also, EVERY link between the server and the world is gigabit. LAN transfers of backups went from 10MB/s to 20MB/s.

What will this mean? Not much. Maybe if 100 people were on, lag would be cut. This is more just an interest story :D