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Owner’s Corner: Files and References

This used to be documentation of our hardware/setup, but it became stale (not updated since 2013) and one day I'll go through and update it. These are the scripts and config files we use to manage the server, accessible in 1 place where they will be updated as changes are made.
    • script.backup.sh - Server backups which are run through cron.  They handle incremental backups every 30 minutes, and can be triggered to do a weekly full backup.
    • script.serverbackup.sh - Server backup run by root; this provides an internal backup of system utilities in the event of hardware/OS loss.
    • script.servermgmt.sh - Server management, run script, and quick ban/promote tool.
    • script.zipbackups.sh - Compress the most recent backup and make it available for download on the website. Scheduled once a week, on Sunday Night at Midnight, by cron.