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Noob Guide

Welcome to teh3l3m3nts mineraft server! Read all the rules before attempting to play here.

When you join, you're in the "noobs/default" group meaning you can't really do much...it's a system to let you see the rules and check it out before putting down roots. If an admin/owner is around you can be promoted to "member."  If one of us is online but AFK, just "/mail send" us a note, or leave it in chat, and next time we're on we can get that done.  We recommend going ~1000 blocks away from spawn to build out your base.

Official List of Rules


  1. Don't be a jerk!
  2. Just because you can doesn't mean you should
  3. No griefing or stealing, you will be restricted or banned
  4. Don't be a nag or you may be muted
  5. Don't enter or build near other people's houses without permission
  6. Don't build too close to spawn without talking to the group
  7. Have Fun!


Bonus Rule: We don't have an official "no swearing" rule, but kids do play, so just be aware of who is on and try to keep language age appropriate.

Server/Plugin Config


We are mostly vanilla-ish, and our plugins/mods help with gameplay, management, and enabling interfaces for vanilla features that are NOT accessible in-game (posing armor stands, player heads, etc)

  • Game Rules
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Fire Tick: Off
    • Ender Griefing: Off (through GriefPrevention)
    • Player Sleep Percent: 1
  • Server Engine
    • We use Paper as our server engine, however we have been known to switch to Spigot from time to time depending on needs, though Spigot has much worse performance.  Paper includes some "fixes" that actually modify features of the game in a way that is not admin-configurable, these things modify behavior of portals and redstone.
  • DataPacks
    • Our main datapack bundle comes from vanillatweaks and can be found here: https://vanillatweaks.net/share/#Iw37cC
      • More Mob Heads - Mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed, the head is a player head with a texture baked into the item.
      • Player Head Drops - Players will drop their heads when killed.  The dropped head will have a tag showing who killed them.  The block is a player head with a texture baked into the item, so texture will persist even if the player changes skins.
      • Wandering Trades - The wandering trader will now sell mini blocks which cost emeralds AND a full size version of the mini block.  The blocks are player heads with textures baked into the item.
      • Armor Statues - Provides a unique book which allows the posing and modification of armor stands and item frames
      • Track Statistics - Tracks some interesting statistics
      • Track Raw Statistics - Adds 100+ things to a scoreboard which can rotate and show online players who has done what
      • Coordinates HUD - Shows the players XYZ coords and time of day above the hotbar
    • Stillagers - A custom DataPack made by surfrock66, this allows you to apply a nametag to Villagers titled "Stillager" which disables their AI which reduces lag in 1x1 spaces in trading halls.  The still villagers will restock at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM in game.  This can be reversed by applying the nametag "Moveager." https://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/new-datapack-stillagers/
  • Bukkit/Spigot/Paper Plugins
      • EssentialsX - Suite of standard commands to do basic server management; enables things like /sethome and /spawn
      • LuckPerms - Manages groups and permissions
      • Vault - This isn't a plugin as much as it's an API used by other plugins to connect items/entities/locations to players
      • GriefPrevention - This plugin allows the protection of builds and areas, it also provides the admins some tools to catch and stop griefing.
      • Dynmap - Makes a cool website with a live view of the server in google-maps style
      • Dynmap Griefprevention - Enables an overlay to show GriefPrevention claims on Dynmap
      • Multiverse - This plugin allows us to load multiple worlds/maps.  We use this to preserve old builds/maps.
      • GeyserMC - Allows Bedrock clients to connect to our Java server
      • nuVotifier - Connects votes with PlanetMinecraft

Surfrock66's Client Mods

    • ResourcePack - VanillaTweaks Set
      • Lower and Sides - Extend textures to the entire side of a block
        • Grass Sides
        • Mycelium Sides
        • Grass Path Sides
        • Podzol Sides
        • Snow Sides
        • Crimson Nylium Sides
        • Warped Nylium Sides
      • Utility
        • Age 25 Kelp - Adds a flower to the top of fully grown Kelp
        • Hunger Preview - Shows how much hunger a food item will restore
        • Sticky Piston Sides - Indicates if a piston is sticky from the sides of the piston head
        • Directional Hoppers - Adds an arrow to the sides and top of a hopper for easier understanding
        • Directional Dispensers & Droppers - Visual indicators to the direction of dispensers and hoppers
        • Clean Redstone Dust - A nicer redstone texture
        • Directional Observers - Visual indicator to the direction of observers
        • Groovy Levers - Visual indicator to lever powered state
        • Brewing Guide + Dark UI -  A brewing guide AND the dark UI
        • Visual Honey Stages - Adds a visual indicator to the filled state of honeycombs
        • Visual Note Block Pitch - Adds a visual indicator to note block sounds
      • Unobtrusive
        • Clean Glass - Glass with no borders or shines
        • Clean Stained Glass - Stained glass with no borders or shines
        • Clean Tinted Glass - Tinted glass with no borders or shines
        • Alternate Enchant Glint - Visually nicer enchantment glint
        • Translucent Spyglass Overlay - Removes the spyglass border
      • Hud
        • Ping Color Indicator - Adds a color to the ping indicator
        • Wither Hearts - Makes it easier to see your health when withered
      • Peace And Quiet
        • Quieter Endermen - Makes being in an enderman farm less horrible
        • Quieter Minecarts - Makes being in minecart farms less horrible
        • Quieter Villagers - Makes being near villagers less horrible
    • Mods
      • Fabric Loader - A mod engine for clients, enables use of other mods
      • Fabric API - An API helper for Fabric
      • OptiFabric - Allows for the use of both Optifine and Optifabric
      • Optifine - Mod engine with performance improvements, shader support, and other client tweaks
      • MaliLib - API library enabling other mod support
      • MiniHUD - Client mod which allows some debug info in a smaller display in the corner of the screen, and adds an overlay with light levels
      • Litematica - Client mod that allows you to take a build and make a "schematic" of it, which records all blocks/entities in a space, then display that as a hologram somewhere else to help with guided building.  Useful for designing farms in creative and rebuilding exactly in survival.
      • ReplayMod - Client mod which records all client blocks, entities, and changes so you can make elaborate timelapses and replays later
      • BBOutlineReloaded - Client component of the server mod which creates visual overlays for structures, spawning areas, biome borders, slime chunks, etc.

List of Worlds


  • Generation 0
    • This was hosted on an unreliable host in ~2010 and the map was lost when the host disappeared.  IMGArY, carian94 and porjos started the server.
  • Generation 1
    • This was one of the first maps played on in Minecraft Beta from 2010-2011.  This was before the nether existed.  Surfrock66 jumped in as owner during this generation.
    • 1-world
  • Generation 2
    • This was the first big map, on Minecraft 1.0.  It lived for a long time with some players (surfrock66) keeping it active from 2011-2015.  At the time, the end didn't exist yet.  Terrain generation changed much between versions at this time, so chunk border errors are rampant.  It still houses the "cheat arena" which is an area that creative mode is allowed in.  cncr04s joined as owner during this time, and this was when the server physically became hosted in surfrock66's house instead of a hosting provider.  Because of this, surfrock66's brother in law (using his wife's account MrsPinkin) became owner as he had backup physical access.
    • 2-world
    • 2-world_nether
  • Generation X
    • A fresh map was needed, hence this world was started.  Sadly, at some point a drive failure happened lost a map completely.
  • Generation C
    • For a brief time cncr04s ran a world on his own server which players crossed back and forth to
  • Generation 3
    • This was the longest lived map on the server, with many players moving to it while the 2.0 map was active.  It was our highest player map, and as a result led to the most experimentation.  With the advent of the multiverse plugin, we were able to make experimental maps at will, and did, with various levels of usefulness and success.  This map was active from roughly 2013-2016.  sbrough10, williamhcarlton, gorghoppurr, and sweetyouch51 took on owner duties at the time.
    • 3-world
    • 3-world_nether
    • 3-world_the_end
    • Vanilla
      • An experiment in reducing all commands so that anything done on this map set would be done without plugins/commands.
      • 3-vanilla-world
      • 3-vanilla-world_nether
      • 3-vanilla-world_the_end
    • Quest
      • An experimental adventure map
      • 3-quest
    • Noobs
      • New players would be placed in this map, where they sit where we evaluate them for griefing. We would reset this world weekly.
      • 3-noobs
    • Kermit
      • A player/admin needed his own world because...reasons
      • 3-kermit
    • Skyworld
      • An experimental world using the now deprecated skyworld generation.
      • 3-skyworld
    • Updates
      • A map used to test new updates that is reset with each new version
      • 3-updates
  • Generation 4
    • A fresh map was needed, hence 4-world was started.  Sadly, at some point Surfrock66 had kids and took some years off Minecraft, and didn't notice a drive failure which lost a bunch of progress on this map.  It was active from 2016-2018
    • 4-world
    • 4-world_nether
    • 4-world_the_end
  • Generation L
    • Surfrock66's son, Lucas, played on a single player world which he wanted to live in, so we added it to the server as kind of an Easter egg.
    • L-world
    • L-world_nether
    • L-world_the_end
  • Generation 5
    • The current world.  Started mostly by Velvet_Winter/cncr04s, once Surfrock66's kids started playing he returned.  It's been active since ~2018 and is active today.
    • world
    • world_nether
    • world_the_end

List of Owners/Admins


There are 2 classes of administrators on the server; Owners have access to the server, files, and configuration of the actual server.  Owners manage the hardware, OS, game version, mod engine, plugins, website, and backups.  Admins moderate the game as OP in game.  Owners have all privileges Admins have, plus those granted by having Linux access to the physical server.


  • Owners:
    • surfrock66
    • cncr04s
  • Admins:
    • Velvet_Winter
  • Former Owners:
    • carian94 (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • gorghoppurr (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • IMGArY (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • porjos (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • MrsPinkin (Moved On From Minecraft, account handed back to Surfrock66's Wife)
    • sbrough10 (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • sweetyouch51 (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • williamhcarlton (Moved On From Minecraft)
  • Former Admins:
    • audr09 (Caught Griefing)
    • BustaCapps (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • dwforce42 (Rage Quit)
    • EpicBlob (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • freddiekclarke (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • Kirbyf (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • MrGoldstar1 (Too Much Trolling)
    • Nike_Warrior (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • petrispier (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • rtkermit (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • Strange_Turkey (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • wilsonfam (Moved On From Minecraft)
    • xHoboNinjax (Moved On From Minecraft)


Have fun!