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We Built A Zoo

This video is several months after the fact, but we’ve made a zoo. We captured every possible mob in the game. Below is a guided tour, and below that is a playlist of ALL the varios mob-catching videos.

Building a Wither Cage in the Nether

I needed to move the wither cage from the end, so I had to build a new cage by breaking bedrock in the nether. It was VERY complicated.

We Built a Flower Farm

I wanted easier ways to get dye, so I found a flower forest biome and built a mega-farm.

I Built a Villager Trading and Raid Farm

I found a pillager outpost and decided to combine a bunch of farms around it, including a villager breeder, villager trader, and raid farm. Here’s the whole shebang!

We Found a Cave…

Lucas and I heard mob noises under our base…we thought we lit it all up, but it seems we didn’t, so here’s our adventure. Amazingly, we didn’t die the whole time!