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Omo’s Lonley Island Spawn

Here's a group photo, sent in by Omo, of the group in front of his Lonley Island Spawn:

Zombie Pigman War

Omo sent a screenshot of some debauchery in spawn:

in spawn we had wilson spawn 1,000 zombies and 1,000 pigmen. Me, kips, hockey, gold, zeeco, buck and i think pain all experienced this war....

Omo Loves Squids

Another Omo picture...let me let him caption this one:

Well surf....here's a nice little snapshot of me, kips, and hockey humping squids in my underwater base....

Strange Turkey’s Birthday

Omo just sent me an e-mail with a photo, he says it better than I can:

We all had a birthday celebration for Turkey, and here is a picture :D There's Pear, Cow, Omo, Turkey the birthday boy, Light, Kips, Hockey and Buck. If pearl sends you a picture as well, add my picture with his if you can. Thank you. Bye :D

Omo in his Omotat

Surf here...what with the move I'm super delinquent on posting stuff...so now I'm gonna catch up :D

Omo is clearly an entity that must be contained, so an Omotat was built, which is a habitat for an Omo. Here's the photos: