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xander9: teh 1337357 |-|4><0R

Hello Everyone,

Just a heads-up to anyone that was on a little bit ago when that douchebag xander9 got on and started threatening everyone.  A minute or 2 after I banned him, my computer inexplicably crashed.  Now, he claimed to be able to wipe people's boot sectors lol, but obviously not the case, as I am now on my computer writing this.  It seems more like it was  simple ping flood or something (like I always used to do to my college roomate for fun hehehe).  Anyway, since he got my IP he may have yours if you were on then.  As I said apparently he must not be as 1337 as he thinks, because he didn't accomplish anything besides making me turn my computer back on. But just so you know.  But, this should be fine because I got his IP and traced it back to his ISP (his internet provider) and emailed their support department for network abuse, explaining the situation and that he was obviously violating their terms of service by maliciously abusing the services they provide him.  So he wont have internet much longer.  I'll post the replies i get from them. Should be entertaining.



    12 Responses to “xander9: teh 1337357 |-|4><0R”

  1. Nikewarrior Says:

    u are a god lol

  2. Xander9 Says:

    Hey you can never ban me ! I will destroy u all!

  3. IMGArY Says:

    Hey xander9. you better hope you were being teh 133735t as you think when you logged into our server. I see now that you are masking your IP and providing false DNS info, trying to direct to a different member of our server when replying here. wow. so amazing. If you would like, we could BOTH confirm our local IPs to each other personally, and then you can prove how 1337 you are, and we will see your brilliance in action. As you MUST already know, email me at bbygngrndth@gmail.com, so that you can be teh haxor you are. if we cant ban you, then log in lol… as someone else on a different IP.

  4. Graham Says:

    Xander Got OWND haha

  5. surfrock66 Says:


  6. surfrock66 Says:

    Just for the record…Xander is using rtkermit’s IP and e-mail.

  7. Rtkermit Says:

    WTF should I change my email password?

  8. sbrough10 Says:

    I just want to say, for the record, that, if someone who I don’t know very well refers to something as “leet” or “1337” or writes in leet outside of a joke, I instantly think of them as a douche bag. Anyway, just wanted to get that out there. Have a wonderful day, everyone :)

  9. porjos Says:

    Haha Kermit…I love you.

    Anyways, Xander needs to get laid, that’s a lot of misplaced anger. What a fucking queer.

  10. rtkermit Says:

    rtkermit you should be fine. he had access to the IPs from logging into the server, and he just found ur info using ur IP address, but he’s not actually logging into ur email, just putting it in the form, and masking his IP so that it shows yours. I mentioned this when i replied to him, but didn’t specify who cause it doesn’t matter.

  11. rtkermit Says:

    look! I’m leet now too! i used surfs email, kermits name and email and ip for that last reply lol H4X0R!!!

  12. surfrock66 Says:

    Send hookers here:

    To our friend located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

    Need me to get any closer Xander?

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