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Wtf Obsidianservers!

It appears obsidian is down again. Can't even connect to the website. so be prepared for the usual stupid amount of downtime and most likely a rollback. Let us all pray to Notch and Server God for a quick return and no errors. sorry guys. hamfuck.

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  1. IMGArY Says:

    well, now we can access the control panel, but the serve wont start.

  2. surfrock66 Says:

    I can’t access the control panel at all. Obsidian strikes again…it’d be nice if they replied to a support ticket once in a while, it’s been a month since we have had ANYTHING resembling a response.


  3. Ian Says:

    Check server email….we got an email from the Obsidian owner, and he is changing around stuff with our server. Read it and reply if need be.

  4. IMGArY Says:

    i dunno guys, last i checked obsidianservers.com was the following link, not a redirect, it still said obsidian as the address.
    that combined with the email from a gmail acct with no elaboration at all… and obsidian itself, not just our server, being down is pretty fishy. looks like obsidian got ddos attacked again, and our server is prolly being hacked. i got nothin. i gotta be up in 5 hrs to work the next 12 days straight with 2 days off in between from now on. so ill just point out that anyone can register a gmail acct with any name and say i dont know, but looks like we r fucked. we’ll see i guess.

  5. IMGArY Says:

    tried obsidianservers.com/control a minute ago, instead of login window, saw this:

    Warning: file(includes/mysql.inc.php) [function.file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/sites/obsidianservers/obsidianservers.com/control/includes/core/includes/gamecp/loginfunctions.inc.php on line 35
    Unable to locate installer/install.php


  6. surfrock66 Says:

    Who the fuck is that Patrick guy? No identifying info, and he says they updated their name servers…that’s bullshit, an IP doesn’t need a nameserver so ftp should work as it accesses the IP directly.

    If we don’t at least get the map out in 2 days…I say you cancel payment on your credit card. The last backup I downloaded was the 17th.

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