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WTF is Going On?

UPDATE and REQUEST: Testing the config to move hosts. Can people connect to surfrock66.yourhda.com to see if it's working? Assume this is not the map we'll keep, it's just a test setup. Expect mega lag...this is coming from my house :o

Also, it appears everyone is a noob when they join, this is temporarily by design. I need to figure out how I can add users and change their groups in a way more efficient than McMyAdmin. I'm collecting data.

FINAL UPDATE: People signing in momentarily gave me what I need. I think the config is all set. Can people PLEASE connect to surfrock66.yourhda.com to see if it's playable (I know it's lag...it's my residential internet) and if there's any bugs. If not...VPS here we come.

OK REALLY LAST UPDATE: Is playing on this really so bad? It's running out of my house...play on the test server for a day or 2 and at different times. I wanna see how running the server out of my house plays...I assume it'll suck, but it seems good so far. If it's playable for 24 hours...I'd much rather host it here for FREE than pay anyone else to host it :)

Short answer? I don't know! We keep crashing the server...it's random plugins. Each time I disable the offender plugin...it crashes again with a different one. Problem is, these are really severe crashes...the whole virtual machine needs a reboot, which I have to submit a ticket for and wait for the host. Hence all the downtime.

McMyadmin just updated as well...it's possible that's the offender itself. Most people use a permissions plugin that reads a config file, then distributes groups and permissions...McMyAdmin has it's own permissions and groups thing...which then EXPORTS the config file to the plugin for other plugins to read. I think THAT is the broken process. The last plugin I disabled is the new permission manager, PermissionsBukkit. There's actually an old one we used to use (Permissions) but it's been discontinued, but it still kind of worked. Everyone says "move to PermissionsBukkit!" so we did...but now we constantly crash.

Conclusion...I'm working on it. A lot of this is waiting for the host. If this goes on for much longer...we'll move to someone NOT using mcmyadmin, which IMHO over complicates things. SORRY!

    17 Responses to “WTF is Going On?”

  1. pirate06 Says:

    oh surf, bless you and your pandas :D i missed playing today but theres no rush, better to take the downtime to make sure for certain what is happening :D

  2. Morate Says:


  3. spikey202 Says:

    grrrr tech stuf making brian to mush :S gah its amazing how you know whats goin on

  4. cncr04s Says:

    if you need help with any thing surf, i’d be willing.

  5. merijnwouda Says:

    Hey guys i made a video i would like to put on the site. how do i do that? i have a wordpress account.

  6. Pirate06 Says:

    Send it to me with what you want said and i will upload it for you :)

  7. EpicBlob Says:

    Anyone know when the server will be back up?

  8. surfrock66 Says:

    Is it not up? I checked it amwhile ago, was runnin great

  9. spikey202 Says:

    yeah its down again

  10. surfrock66 Says:

    Working on it again.

    Full disclosure? I’m still working on my single player game :o

  11. spikey202 Says:

    im not sure about everyone else but i sure cant join

  12. merijnwouda Says:

    pirate, i don’t know how to contact you, but here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_uZsCZfhmo&list=UUyzUPXBlEE7d6WaBhoM27BQ&index=1&feature=plcp
    just say something like merry christmas from merijn and premium
    thanks in advance :D

  13. surfrock66 Says:

    Yo, I have a test configuration ready to go just to drop into a VPS…please test for bugs, figure this isn’t being saved (just the config) so this is a burner map.


  14. spikey202 Says:

    thinkin smart XD ok ill try

  15. Leafett Says:

    This must be an older update because my bathhouse isn’t there anymore. Im the only one on right now and it seems to run better then the old host when I was on it by myself.

  16. EpicBlob Says:

    Same here Leaf. And I sure hope its an old backup because spawn is fucked up haha

  17. pirate06 Says:

    the map being used atm is just for testing purposes, if this method will be used full time the most recent back up will be used so dont panic :D

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