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WTF is Going On With Our Host

Surf here, let's be honest, the server is EATING DICK with all the lag recently. I haven't been able to connect all weekend. I went into the backend to take a look at some stuff (Brief geek moment: this host used to parse out the log file once a week so it wasn't always writing to a huge file, but they suddenly stopped doing that in july, I thought that having a 45MB log file was lagging us, but we don't have permission to edit the file! I stopped the server to delete the file) and had to stop the server briefly...now it won't come back on.

I've submitted tickets to our host from my support account, and IMGArY has submitted tickets on the main server account as well, and we're not getting responses. I have all of our configs and copies of our map...if this goes on for much longer we'll consider all of our options.

UPDATE: It came back on, but is as slow as ever. Still waiting

UPDATE 2: On Tuesday night, team avo came on and were chat spamming, then gorg shut down the server to get control of the situation. Now, we can't get into the backend...on team avo's forum they're talking about hacking with mcmyadmin exploits. Tickets submitted.

UPDATE 3: We're back online for now, PLAY!

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  1. Zeeco Says:

    Surf! Duuude! Please unban mee! I didn’t do it!! Raaaage!!

  2. Zeeco Says:

    ”Zeeco 8/11/2011 18:27 gorghoppurr Burning Stuff Down”

    THE FUCK GUYS!?!?!? The only thing I’ve burned are the trees in my own city, in order to get rid of them! I am not a griefer!!

    Holy crap!

  3. KaiserApfel Says:

    If we get past this lag issue. I really think we need more admins. As I’m typing this there are a ton of noobs in the server spamming it constantly with derogatory comments about the server and other crap. There are only me and another member on and no admins or owners.

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    Zeeco, I’m sorry to hear you got banned and I’m sure we can figure this out. I had another friend who also got banned because he said someone was hiding diamonds in his house. We’ll get both sides of this story and also try and fix this admin lacking problem.

  5. cncr04s Says:

    I was afk for a bit while the spamming happened, and I came back and it was lagging my minecraft window. I tried ignoring the spammers but it didn’t help, then the server shut down. Not sure if it crashed or was shut down on purpose. =/ I wanted to finish my cactus farm.

  6. Gorgo Says:

    2nd side of the story here: Kirbyf typed something along the lines of hey wilsons boat is burning. I warped to spawn and headed towards the boathouse. Zeeco passed by me on my way towards it. I could see him, he couldn’t see me. When i entered the boathouse most of the boat was gone except for the parts that don’t burn. So! i invsee’d all those I knew to be in, at, or around spawn at that moment. Kirbyf Gold and Zeeco. Only one person had flint n steel on them. Zeeco.

    Oh and Kaiser I saw all the spam i was trying to log in at the time to deal with it but wasn’t able to.

  7. IMGArY Says:


    Im replying yet again to the ticket Ive created….. didn’t realize we created separate tickets surf lol. Logging in with our email, and typical pass is what ive been using. Prolly actually pissing them off that theres multiple tix about the same thing lol. I havent heard back in 3 days now, so im gonna be an asshole about this reply. I cant get into the server, i cant get into mcmyadmin. the files seem accessible, so…. wtf.

  8. Zeeco Says:

    Okey, thanks guys :) Here is my side of the story. First I have to add that I didn’t have any knowledge about the fire in the boathouse, that’s why this ban came as a ”shock”. So, I’ll give you my last movements since I don’t know when the fire occured.

    First, me and gold headed over to Porjos’ house, to check it out. We stood on the top of the building and yelled at Kirbyf, since we could see him by ”teh3l3m3nts” sign. We then left the building and went to spawn. I went AFK for about 5 minutes. I guess that during those 5 minutes,Kirbyf told gorg about the fire. That’s why I didn’t have any knowledge about it. When I came back in-game I started walking towards BustaCapps’ new lot (I think it is going to be a park). By that time, I didn’t know where the boathouse was, but I saw some pictures of it on this website, so now I know :P.

    As I understand, the boathouse is close to Bustacapps’ new lot by the sea. Well, then a new person came to the server, and I said ”Welcome to my server!” as a joke of course. Sooo, I said something in the lines of ”Nah, this isn’t my server” and then ”This server belongs to surf the ball”. Then I got banned. By that time, I thought I got banned since I said ”surf the ball”. But then, surf told me in an e-mail that I was banned because I had burned the boat in wilson’s boat house.

    It’s true that I did have flint n steel, but I didn’t burn his boat. I swear!

    If you don’t believe me, go check the logs.

    btw, saying surf the ball doesn’t deserve a permanent ban, does it? Several people are calling him that *hum hum*

  9. pirate06 Says:

    wow its all kicking off here, i say lets have a court hearing to discuss this matter in more depth in order to get everybody’s side of the story including anybody else on at the time of said incident.

    And agreed mabye one more admin who could get on at a time when mabye others cant to ensure as close to a 24hr admin presence possible on the server.

    see all you guys soon :)

  10. MrGoldstar Says:

    Gold rules! :P :D

  11. surfrock66 Says:

    IMGArY: Ya, the first time I submitted a ticket I didn’t realize and made my own acct :/ Been doing it ever since.

    But something with this host has changed.

    1) When we used to submit tickets, we’d get a confirmation e-mail almost instantly. I don’t get that anymore at all.

    2) They used to take the log file once a week and parse it out, so it never got too big. It was annoying at first, but I got used to capturing it on Monday mornings, and all was well. Since mid-July, it’s just become one big file, like 96+MB actually. I suspect this could be contributing to the lag so I tried to clear it myself….we don’t have permission to edit/delete any files in the main folder, just view.

  12. porjos Says:

    I’ve been spamming Team Avo’s YouTube account…bunch of fucking homo’s…I’ve got testosterone and I want to use it to beat the faces in of these prick-less geek virgins who probably live in there mom’s basements.

  13. pirate06 Says:

    do these guys have a server? we should fuck them hard, and sorry for the language

  14. Zeeco Says:

    What! Team Avo came to the server??!

  15. surfrock66 Says:

    They don’t have a server…but I’ve been testing a scripting attack to brute force their phpbb…if I can get their DB I guarantee one of their passwords overlapps with the youtube one. We could delete everything they have.

  16. pirate06 Says:

    now that sounds like a plan, any thing we can help with?

  17. rtkermit Says:

    does team avo have website or forum or something?

  18. Zeeco Says:

    Yeah, check it out http://www.teamavolition.com/forums/

  19. surfrock66 Says:

    Just so you all can see, here’s the people involved with the griefing:

    Greendaytimo2910 –
    silenteye9999 –
    SoSoJake –
    surfbeetle –
    starscreen15 –
    psvunited –
    legacy10 –
    Beexichan –
    monkeylump –
    Corey971337 –
    linkey1010 –
    Trippyjellyfish –
    sephiroth2308 –
    TheFalconGamer –

    These 2 played for a while, and seemed ok…but when avo came on there was like a chat spam battle between them, and they were doing the mega spam too. I say they’re gone anyway Both were spamming the phrase “were griefing admins house o_o” so check your shit. I have the maps from 6PM and 8PM downloaded…it looks like most of this happened at like 8PM.

    XxFlufferssxX –
    TnT_Lover –

    These guys came on at the same time…didn’t say anything, but fuck them.

    psyoxyde –
    Draquis –
    Brown_town –
    Xcepenguin –
    xMattey –
    emilyemerald –
    aeriious –

  20. Rtkermit Says:

    Hey everyone calm Down it was just the avo fanboys not the real avo people so I think not retaliating is the best thing unless u guys think ur better than team avo because if u guys keep going crazy we will get the real team avo, which would be bad unless u think u can definitely get them back but we also should vote on a new server host before 1.8 comes out.

  21. Zeeco Says:

    Is the server down?

  22. wilsonfam Says:

    if thy are not the REAL team avo but are acting in there name then we should talk to the real avo. also look into who else thy might of hit and see if thy can help us.
    i just got this from there site “I’ve been trying for awhile now to organise a small griefing group to go around crashing servers and making everyone hate us.” we’ll then if we are going to retaliate then it should be epic. delete all of there stuff from youtube? we could do so much more then that.

  23. Landon Flaniken Says:

    hahaha, they didn’t realize how many computer geeks we have :D They didn’t realize surf casually deletes secured stuff when he’s mad

  24. Zeeco Says:

    Can we atleast have a court hearing? I’m wrongly banned :( !

  25. Zeeco Says:


  26. surfrock66 Says:

    Zeeco…we’re figuring out when we can have a trial :D

    We just need to figure out this “why is the server so laggy and having so much down time” issue.

  27. Gorgo Says:

    Busta’s archery range is creating a ton of lag at spawn. been attempting to shut it off but i can’t switch the, uh switch

  28. Zeeco Says:

    I understand

    Thank you :)

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