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We’re Up And Good To GO!

Well doods and dudettes, we're live with the new server AND the new upgrade. I'm exhausted :D Bunch of work has been done, we're no longer on the hosted service, and to my knowledge with a few little minor permissions issues...we're all good to go.

I have some other things to do to help the server. My home internet sucks, and quite frankly I am surprised it's holding up as well as it has. To that end...I need to run a few new wires in my house and upgrade some other networking equipment...and possibly upgrade my comcast to Business Class. It'll happen when I get some energy.

Please report bugs or excessive lag in a comment here! Thanks for helping test and being tolerant of all the weird changes all at once!

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  1. iKips Says:

    Thanks for all your hardwork Surf!

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