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Hi Everyone,


We recently updated a few server listings, and it's already drawing new traffic.  PLEASE vote daily at the URLs below so we can keep growing as the awesome community we are!


New members, please register for the site with your Minecraft username and primary email address.  This helps us stay up to date on who is active and how long they've been around, which affects status as far as potential admin promotions go, and is an easy way for all of us to get the newest news about everything going on with the server and it's members.










    6 Responses to “VOTE FOR US!!! NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ!!!”

  1. velvet_winter Says:


    we are higher ranked on that one, top 2000 rather than 31,000 lol

  2. ninjabrendan Says:

    Idk where to put this but I was banned for no reason while I was gone my base was raided destroyed by my stream viewers or my cousin and his friend which were the only ones with the ip and they lied to the admins and I got banned? Please help by username is ninjabrendan also who banned me and why?

  3. Morate Says:

    Hello, people. I’m sorry I’ve disappeared for so long. My Minecraft-capable computer has been out of commission for the past few weeks. (I’m writing this on my laptop. It’s an old Dell XPS M1210 from the dark ages. At least it has an SSD.) My desktop will hopefully be up and running very soon, and I’ll be back on the server.

  4. yosheeharper Says:

    Let me explain. I was not hacking. I was banned by lvdarkwolf due to “hacking”. I was using a mod. The mod is a cheastesp mod. I draws a line to the nearest chest(s). This is my essay explaining that I will never do it again, I understand that what I did was not “acceptable”. I will not use mods or hacked clients on the server. Am I to repeat this 100 times? Please unban me. Thanks!

  5. PhoenixSeeker Says:

    Glad to see that the server has been getting more visitors! I’m going to be more active, so perhaps i’ll see some of you guys online sometime. :)

  6. King_Of_Karpathia_Ethan Says:

    NOW THEN! It’s been a while, having some trouble logging in, no idea why, running patch 1.8.8.
    Would be pretty awesome to see how things are doing or if the server even still works XD.
    Ingame Username: ethan_01001

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