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Vanilla World

Update: I think I have got multi world nether to work. There are currently nether for world, world_old, and world_vanilla.

Nether should work, for the most part in those worlds.
There are some odd issues with portal creation, and location atm, if you can't get the portals exactly where you want them you will have to have a owner link the portals directly.



Vanilla World is now available for play.

  • -When you are in this world, most commands are disabled. Like tpa, home, mvtp, etc...
  • -For owners and admins, most "Server management" commands are still active.
  • -You may only exit using the provided "portal" at spawn.
  • -Nether does not work with Vanilla World. (I will be looking into getting this to work, but no promises)

It's hard to enforce a clear inventory, so we ask you to not bring large amounts of stuff there.
Remember, vanilla world was created so there is some sort of "community". Build/Play nice.
Build any where, but not like 100000's of blocks away. (In my opinion)

Other news:

We have a new stats plugin, Please check it out by using the stats link on the left.

Vanilla world caused the owners to rewrite the permissions file. There are some errors, and things that were overlooked. So don't get worked up if something is not working, let us know if its not one of the disabled things below.

Disabled: (mostly applies to admins)
time - Causes issues. -Owners only now.
gamemode - use /gm please!
gm others - Ask an owner to gamemode some one else.
OP - OP removed from admins atm.
Commandblocks - OP only, see above.

There are reasons for the above, but they aren't set in stone.

    10 Responses to “Vanilla World”

  1. Boukebrink Says:

    I find the lack of trust disturbing

  2. Omokisei Says:

    Same bouke xD

  3. Omokisei Says:

    I think admins should have the ability to promote noobs though..

  4. surfrock66 Says:


    1) CNC is helping out backend again…hello :)

    2) the op thing is because we had to fudge with the permissions so much to get vanilla world to work, and because of command blocks…It’s open for discussion, but for now it has to be that way.

    3) For sure admins can’t change membership…that’s been an always thing. The reason is because then they could owner themselves, and de-owner us (until we go back-end and fix it).

    4) To stop the abuse of leaving people in creative…admins can’t put other ppl in creative, only owners can. Admins can put themselves in creative though…as a perk they can use it (be reasonable :D ) for themselves and to fix griefing.

    5) And the big one…command blocks. I trust the admins to use them…but they’re surprisingly dangerous. Any command programmed into a command block runs as console…meaning it overrides ALL permissions. Anyone that is an op in creative can program it to do anything. Delete main world? Sure. Change permission nodes? Absolutely. Continually shut the server down and force it offline? Absolutely. It’s dangerous…and the default should be for the ability to be removed for anyone who doesn’t already have console access.

  5. Boukebrink Says:

    Quote from the Wiki:

    “Disabled commands:
    Disabled for server security
    These commands are likely disabled due to limited use in command blocks and the potential for severe, unintended consequences on servers.

    /ban, /ban-ip, /deop, /kick, /op, /pardon, /pardon-ip, /save-all, /save-off, /save-on, /stop, /whitelist [add/remove/on/off/reload], /debug, /publish

    Disabled for unknown reasons
    These commands do not bear unintended consequences, but still fail in command blocks.

    /banlist, whitelist list

    Unavailable to console These commands require a player to be the executor*.


    Available, but no apparent effect

    These commands output messages to their user only, not to public chat.

    /help, /seed, /list, /scoreboard objectives/players/teams list”

    Wiki post: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Comand_block#Disabled_or_Unavailable_commands

  6. KingOfThePond Says:

    I’m really liking vanilla world; can you add pvp too? And bouke, there isn’t too severe a lack of trust if we can’t even use lockette :) that requires a lot of trust.

  7. Omokisei Says:

    Pond bouke doesn’t mean in vanilla world. We can still use lockette in regular world :3

  8. KingOfThePond Says:

    That’s not what i meant… what i meant is, if you can trust normal members with no lockette, there isn’t really a trust issue anywhere on the server. command blocks are probably disabled IN CASE something happens… after all, we had a recent incident where commands were used in a displeasing way :P

  9. cncr04s Says:

    Bouke… we use bukkit not regular minecraft server. there are a ton of other commands the command block can use. and they are dangerous commands, more so then the vanilla minecraft server commands you listed there.

  10. Omokisei Says:

    I’m at school, and one of the comment sections was blocked “for porn or other suggestive themes.”

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