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Updates…New Server Host?

We've been hard at work behind the scenes, trying to get this thing back up to play. Some brief notes:

  1. We heard from the obsidian guys...about 6-7 times they said we'd have access within 20 minutes. Never happened. We hope to get that last backup out of there, but let's be honest...they're dead to us.
  2. We have a 7 day trial of a new hosting provider, and are working on some setup stuff. We will have bukkit, but bukkit out of the box isn't what we need, it needs to be set up. We're working on getting a bukkit configuration together before unleashing the server to the masses.
  3. We're also negotiating things to do about the old map restores, we'll poll everyone before doing anything.

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  1. rtkermit Says:

    surf where would we be without you and when do u expect the server being back up?

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