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Tubbllebunk trial video

if you missed the trial today then never fear, trials will now be recorded and uploaded to youtube, heres the link

see post below for result...

    5 Responses to “Tubbllebunk trial video”

  1. Morate Says:

    Congrats, Premium! I will be checking IRL with Base and Petri to see if they took anything. I can tell when someone lies to my face, so I’ll let you guys know. (Base and Petri, no offense, but we have to be sure.) Wait, who’s chest is it anyways?

  2. spikey202 Says:

    huh where was i when this happened? :D this is good stuff haha

  3. sbrough10 Says:

    Hurray for the justice system! Also, next time, I get to pick the song for the trial, and it’s gonna be the people’s court played on repeat.

  4. pirate06 Says:

    haha okies no problem, any other requests for songs for further trials?

  5. petrispier Says:

    ok morate i looked only but to be safe ill stop opening chests

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