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There has been discussion of possibly removing Factions and putting Towny in it's place. Factions don't appear to be used a whole lot and I personally would be interested in trying Towny. Here is a little more info on Towny if you've never heard of it and someone wrote up a good article comparing the two.

Towny Info

Towny vs Factions


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    2 Responses to “Towny?”

  1. Omokisei Says:

    Meh. I would prefer neither, but if I HAD to choose one I would say Towny just because anyone could make their own little neighborhood.

  2. Pr0f3ta Says:

    Hello. I want to say that adding mods always changes the feel of server, if towny is being added to keep greifing out i’m all for it but it seems too small of a server to add a monetary system that isn’t based on bartering/trading. I hope the mod is kept only to secure land

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