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To UHC or not to UHC? That is the question.

So i'm usless at making polls on here so lets go for a nice old fashioned yay opr neigh underneath :)

The question is simple, would you like to see UHC  mode put onto the server?

For those who have no experience with what UHC mode is, here is a quick explanation underneath:

1) Health doesn't naturally regenerate

2) only potions/beacons/golden apples can heal you

3) makes everything a lot more tense and death a lot more possible :D

so what do you guys think? comment below

    11 Responses to “To UHC or not to UHC? That is the question.”

  1. Petrispier Says:

    I would be fine with it

  2. Dot Says:


  3. Omokisei Says:

    If this means all over the server without a choice then NO

  4. Boukebrink Says:

    No. Its possible to change that per world.

  5. KingOfThePond Says:

    I remember Surf mentioned making a Vanilla member rank instead of a vanilla world; would that work for UHC so that people can stay in the same world?

  6. Boukebrink Says:

    @KOTP We could use the same system used for Vanilla World to make UHC.

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    UHC: Death = auto ban :D

  8. Petrispier Says:

    Well, there goes 90% of the server in a ban

  9. gorghoppurr Says:

    Hmm if its possible to change that for the different worlds, then yes.

  10. PhoenixSeeker Says:

    I think it would be good in specific worlds, but not in all worlds, as in some worlds people may want to have the main goal to build or collect items.

  11. Omokisei Says:

    What happened to the server uhmmmmm

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