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TNT time! :D

so as surf continues his futile attempt to slay his latest advisory, the "magma cube 20"(EDIT: as surf takes care of his dog that got skunked :D) everyone else is going to have fun and blow the ever living crap out of everything. RIGHT NOW you can log on and blow up whatever you want. the map is already backed up so from here on out you just log on and request to be put in creative mode. stuff we will be hitting will be
-spawn city
-crimson heights
-castle estel
-nether gullonia
-new Gullonia

    3 Responses to “TNT time! :D”

  1. poetzy Says:

    looks like we broke the server. lol.

  2. pirate06 Says:

    yep lol :D

  3. Leafett Says:

    I have a few screenshots of estel blowing up, how to i upload them, or is that an admin/owner only thing?

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