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This Shit is HEAVY! please check main post for updates added

Hey Everyone,

Some of us have been mulling around about this for a while, but seems about time that we get things out there and get some feedback.  Soon there will likely be a vote.  We are debating the idea of a World Reset. I will make a VERY basic list of pros and cons, please think this over carefully, and post any additional pros and cons and the post will be updated to reflect them.


-It would put the "S" (SURVIVAL) back in our SMP server.  Bring back the adventure that is half the key to this game.

-We have always had a very tight community, more so than I've seen on any public server. I consider ALOT of the people we play with friends, even though I don't know most of them in real life.  A fresh start would give a chance for all of the cool people we have picked up along the way to ALL build a new world TOGETHER instead of just adding on as they come, not to mention, nurture the sense of loyalty and community we all have.

-Level the playing field between long-timers and newer members.

-incorporate all the updates that have happened at once, instead of adding new changes as they've come.


-lose all the amazing shit we've done. BIIIIIIIIIIIIG con! (worth at least 3 pros)

-may dissuade some people from continuing to play with us, because of having to start from scratch.

Let us know what you think.

NOTE: in the event that a world reset did happen, the final backup of the current world would still be available for download, and an official launch time of the new one would be announced. again, nothing is even close to set is stone.  We just want feedback on the idea.

  1. BustaCapps Says:

    June 14th, 2011 at 6:57 am eHere is a google doc that Wilson and I started up discussing games,pvp events, seasonal events, things to add to spawn, ect…. open server discussion



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    41 Responses to “This Shit is HEAVY! please check main post for updates added”

  1. Nikewarrior Says:

    I would be up for it. (as much as i dont want to leave this map) Just want that map save lol

  2. porjos Says:

    I honestly could go either way, as long we don’t jeopardize losing anyone. If I had a choice of either with all the same players then I would pick a new map for these reasons:

    1) I don’t like splotchy updates. Most of you know I like being by spawn, but a lot of updates aren’t available there, and I don’t want to teleport to 100k to get them. Once again, I like the originating point of the map. In a 1000 block radius the biome is reversed, there isn’t lupus or overgrown grass, and the area is stale.

    2) I want to build a spawn with everyone contributing…so instead of Spawn City being a porjos project, I want it to be a teh3l3m3nt project…just as long as LANDON DOESN’T BUILD ANY RETARDED DIRT HUTS. My favorite parts of the city are Surfs courthouse and gorg’s seedy alley…none of which I had to do with.

    My final thought is I will vote for whatever keeps my hardcore homies on our server…i’m talking Joe G, George H, Will C, Daniel S, Steven B, and my GARE-BEAR…but my preference is with a new map.

  3. porjos Says:

    By the way…has anyone noticed my icon is Dennis Quaid. That’s funny.

  4. Nikewarrior Says:

    if there was a like button, i would like your comment porjos.

  5. Rtkermit Says:

    DEENNNIIISSS ITS A TWISTER… I agree with porjos and Nike. I want map to be saved and I don’t want to loose any people. Minecraft is about surviving and exploring , we need and new map

  6. xHoboNinjax Says:

    Im not totally againist the idea but I know it would be really hard to say goodbye. if we do reset I think we need a montage or slideshow of all the cool sites we have currently. thats my 2 cents.

  7. GorgHoppurr Says:

    My vote we world reset once the games official. Also use this seed to make it worth it. -1784338777788894343 everyone check it out.

  8. surfrock66 Says:

    There’s one option that can satisfy both:

    People with TPPOS jump to 200,000 away. (the furthest journey has been about 100k). We set spawn for everyone, delete all warps, and delete everyone’s homes.

    Those that want to go back to the old map need to make the journey, NO tp’s to players that have made it. People can build anew, but old stuff is still there for people that want it…they just have to earn it with an epic journey.

  9. Rtkermit Says:

    Surf tht is dumb

  10. sbrough10 Says:

    I like the idea of having a fresh start. I feel like I’ve got pretty much every thing in the game that I want and the map has gotten so over loaded with stuff that building something new isn’t as fun. Anyways, I don’t want to start rambling but i think I’d probly play more if we started from new, just as long as Surf kept a hold of the old map file. Plus, if we decide we just miss our old stuff way to much, we can always switch back. I vote for a restart.

  11. shauny Says:

    i think surfs idea is good cos we still get to keep all of our stuff

  12. LandonStrikesAgain Says:

    ummmmm. i’m on hobo/surf/porjos/gary’s side.

    1. I agree with hobo that it would be very hard to say goodbye and that’s my main reason for probably not wanting to switch.
    2. I like the idea surf has but I don’t think we could make it work (to many ppl going back, setting home when an owners not on, and then just /spawn back to the new cite).
    3. I like the idea of building spawn together but I’m really not bothered by the fact that I didn’t contribute so it’s not a big factor.
    4. And lastly, I do agree with IMGArY that we are very close and I think we could make awesome things as well as make things with people you haven’t worked with before. Right now, we do have “cliques” so to speak. Although I have built with many people, I do think I focus around my school friends and there are many other school groups (rtkermit and Nikewarrior, Kramer and MrMonkeyMan27, etc.). The owners are kind of independent making whatever crazy idea they’ve pulled out of the hat (cough surf cough). Lastly, new members end up having to work with each other because the rest of us are out doing our own shit.

    I think with a new server, we would be able to mingle with new members or just people you haven’t built with. Even with this, I do think I might not play as much and thus my reason for voting for sticking with this server.


    P.S: congratulations to anyone who read this!

  13. porjos Says:

    Wow Landon…you brought up some good points man! Didn’t even think about the cliques. I admit I’m an old-schooler from the very beginning, and it’s hard for me to accept all the new people.

  14. carian94 Says:

    Surf has a good idea, but it would make the map/server unstable. 200k would have some really odd formations and possibly be hard to build on. the server would have a hard time keeping up with people that far away and others not so far from spawn.

    I would like to start with a new map, and have the old one just in case it doesn’t work out. I would love to see the new community build up a new spawn. We have a lot of wasted space on our current map at spawn. Long minecart tracks with boosters that don’t work anymore because of updates, a lot of griefed buildings. if surf wants he could import his buildings with MCedit.

    I think the pros out weigh the cons here. I don’t want to lose anyone though, but I want a more community based map instead of everyone off in their own directions 25k, 10k, 145k, 100k blocks from each other. It makes for a dull game when everyone is so spread out.

  15. Rtkermit Says:

    NEW MAP!! Start a poll

  16. surfrock66 Says:

    I’ll admit, after all my epic digging the thought of building all anew TIRES me greatly, but if we start over I declare up front that I’m making a mordor like empire full of evil and will summon minions to assist in my bidding.

    And that might have to be a nether-version of NewGullonia.

    And goal #1 of my empire would be keeping diamonds out of the hands of rtKermit.

  17. carian94 Says:

    I say start a poll, 3 options new map, old map, old map have surf port to 200k blahsy blah.

  18. LandonStrikesAgain Says:

    how about another option that gorg pointed out: Wait for official game then get new map

  19. poetzy Says:

    well i slept on it and im surprised to say that i think a new map is not only a good idea, it might be needed. here is why i think that.
    1)this map is old. its HUGE. most of us are steering clear of old areas just because thy don’t have any of the new stuff from updates.
    2)from what i understand we pour a good chunk of money into the server space and if a new map will be less stress on it (i.e. faster and more stable) then i think that would be awesome.

    i am right now in what i think is my most awesome build yet. so i don’t want to switch, but by that logic some one is ALWAYS working on there most ambitious build. and its not like where losing it forever. we could back it up on the last night and put it up for download. id be willing to clear a gig or two for it. even if its just to finish up stuff. and think of all the community projects we could do to wrap up and on the new map huge game night to start it off.

    as much as id miss doing awesome stuff with you guys and the build we already have, i know we can make them better.

    let the fun times role.

  20. Graham Says:

    I vote for a New map i Know it would be hard to say good bye to the stuff ye built its easy for me to say cuase im new didnt build much but yeah starting a new map would be good for the new people (including me) to get tied in solid with every one else and if people leave then we know there not that intrested in the server but people that stay will be well awesome i guesse but yeah defo make a slide show a few vids a facebook page with many peoples screen shots so ye can look back on them and..blow up max’s shit that is all :D

  21. surfrock66 Says:

    Something to consider:


  22. BustaCapps Says:

    This new map talk is somewhat discouraging. I dont have any motivation to work on new builds on this server till we know whats happening. I will definately still play and enjoy building a new world, but the thing that i dont understand is how are things going to be different. Some say the adventure is gone. We will get a couple months of “adventure” but then we will all be sitting fat in our palaces again. Are we just going to move to a new map everytime we get established? Minecraft is a game of making your own adventures and if you are not having them anymore its not the map’s fault.

  23. surfrock66 Says:

    If we were to start a new map, we’d fall into the same things again. People would build, people would grief, people would move out, people’s plans would get changed mid-project, and spawn will go ghetto again and we’ll faction off.

    If boredom is the problem, there’s always a few options in my mind.

    1) Making a new map is basically saying “we want new chunks” but I think having them at a distance in this map isn’t much different than making a new map, other than that it forces people into a small area again…until they spread out, and what has happened now will happen again.

    2) Planned adventures. I think this is something we could do a lot of things with.

    Notch is saying 1.7 is the adventure update, but listening to kermit’s idea makes me thing we can do more of that here. “You have a week to make a base, we turn pvp on and move spawn…battle!” We could do scavenger-hunt type things, we could do capture the flag type things, lots of stuff.

    It just seems to me that if boredom is the problem…building another starting castle is as boring as it gets. I’ve tried to play single player a few times since multiplayer, it bores the snot out of me and I just wanna get back to building insane farms and stuff.

  24. AUDR09 Says:

    If you’re going to start a new map, I think certain server all-stars should be allowed to participate…cough…cough…

  25. carian94 Says:

    One of the main reasons spawn got to the point where it is now, is because of updates and new things added. Rebuilding what we have at spawn to match what is no recent and updated in the game would be on par with rebuilding everything we have there anyway. Almost nobody uses the spawn anymore, due to /home or /back.

    My minecart station alone to repair all damage done and actually fix it up would take over a month. Just to get it to where it was when I was working on it.

    Multiworld is a good solution, except for the strain it would put on server resources.

    This isn’t set in diamond or even wood.

  26. poetzy Says:

    ya i think theirs a ton of ideas to work on. having pvp turned on only for events would be something i haven’t seen before, as it would let people plan stuff out and give us a slew of new options for in-game games. we could try setting up like ARG’s in minecraft.
    maze of the month and start a “7 wonders of the 3l3m3nts world” competition. im just saying whether we start a new map or keep this one, we have a chance to step it up.

  27. sbrough10 Says:

    considering that everyone has pretty much agreed that starting new is a favorable idea, let’s do a final backup of the world and then create a new seed.

  28. porjos Says:

    I don’t know anymore actually. Surf and Busta brought up a really good point. The issues we’re having now are eventually going to happen again, and what if i don’t want to do that again?

    It seems the only remedy would to have those planned adventures.

    It seems everyone has a valid point, including myself from earlier…but the only true pro is a map that has all the current updates…but even then why stop there?

    Notch will just post more badass updates, and I’ll have the same feeling I do now.

    My head hurts :D

  29. surfrock66 Says:

    Two things:

    If you haven’t noticed, the backups haven’t been posted to our server…because servercraft’s new interface stops us from getting backups. I have multiple tickets in to them on the matter; they show us these weird march backups that re 6MB but the real backups aren’t able to be downloaded right now. So nothing changes until that’s fixed, if that’s cool.

    I’ve been looking into performance issues with multiworld…there aren’t really any. With the fake nether, there was weird physics going on and weird hacks, like killing rain and stuff. With multiworld, it’s technically no strain at all. Each player’s play area is still 81 loaded chunks, and if they’re from this world or that one it doesn’t matter, it just writes changes to a different spot. Just as when I’m at my cactus farm at old gullonia, or the kennel out in BFE, stuff only happens when the chunks are loaded, so unloaded chunks have no effect, and there’s no change in the # of loaded chunks.

    If I read it right…there would be a common nether, so it’s even possible to go back and forth betweeen worlds without just /world.

  30. Rtkermit Says:

    I have been thinking And I have decided to go with waiting. Because busta (as always) stated a great point this topic is discouraging building . We need a vote and all options explored I must stress this is a huge move. As carian and others have said we need to wait for updates atleast 1.7.
    Here is the options I see so far
    1.)we start and new map and research a good seed.(gorg offered awesome one)
    2.)go the surf route go super far away on our map and we can start many fun games to keep everyone interested. I am not sure what problems would arise being 200k away so i do ask sure to address these problems.
    3.) I would like each owner write an idea stating the pros vs. Cons so we can see as many “well thought out intelligent ideas”
    Thank you, your favorite frog

  31. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Stephen, I definitely don’t think it is fair to say that a new map is favorable. only about 10 different ppl have commented if even. I know EpicBlob, FrenchBadAss, blobicus21, Kramer612, and MrMonkeyMan27 would rather stay with this map.

    I’m favoring the idea of having more events and activities like PVP and Capture the Flag and planned adventures. I think we could have a lot of fun even without a new map.

    I think we should wait for the full game to consider switching. Think about it, updates will ALWAYS be a problem until the full game. Yes, we wouldn’t have the ladder problem and other problems, but no doubt we will run into problems with new updates. It’s impossible to avoid.

  32. Rtkermit Says:

    Can someone explain this new adventure update?

  33. sbrough10 Says:

    Well, in response to kermit, Notch has yet to detail the adventure detail but it will probably be like dungeons but more advanced and more varied in what you will have to do to attain your prize. Like, there may be booby traps and hidden passage ways, and all sorts of stuff that you would normally only see in an adventure map but you have to find it just like you have to find a dungeon.

    In response to Landon, while it is understood that 10 people don’t speak for everyone, if you don’t make an effort to stay in touch with community to hear about stuff like this than you’re not going to get a voice. Updates causing the server to crash are not what’s driving this discussion on whether we should start anew.

    I could be completely wrong but I know the reason I want to lock everything I’ve done into a save file and create a new map is because I’m tired of all the shit people have sprinkled all over the map. While you, Gary, gorg, and many others may like to venture out as far you can, many of us like to stay close to home, develop the world from spawn outwards, and adventure casually into unknown territory when we must. I think a lot of it is too also play the game fair for once and give everyone a clean slate. Almost anyone who has been an admin has spawned something they shouldn’t have at least once or twice. And even when it’s not spawning, the constant abuse by everyone to use /tp and /warp and really deterred from the whole reason that we started this server in the first place.

    You may have a load of cool shit on the server already but, I think for many of us, this map has just gone stale.

  34. BustaCapps Says:

    Here is a google doc that Wilson and I started up discussing games,pvp events, seasonal events, things to add to spawn, ect…. open server discussion


  35. IMGArY Says:

    Quite frankly, I probably should just plain not have waited until so late at night to read through the replies that have happened to this in the past several hours, but work got in the way. So, I haven’t retained anything lol…. EXCEPT, my favorite point anyone has made so far, great job Austin. I lol’ed at audr09

    (I will reread all these tomorrow when i’m a little less dead-ass tired)

  36. porjos Says:

    I voted for Leaving the map the way it is…but for the sake of equality I think I should point something out. This poll breaks up the vote of the people who want to change the map.

    It should be just two choices…change the map and don’t change the map.

    I know this because the Republicans have raped Democrats in the past because of the Independent party which takes votes away from the Democratic party. Just sayin.

  37. surfrock66 Says:

    If we were to do multiworld…we’re so loading the 2.0 map back on. DERFTOWN WILL LIVE!

  38. shauny Says:

    wait till the full game

  39. Rtkermit Says:

    What’s derftown?

  40. Rtkermit Says:

    Okay guys I only wrote this to be 40th comment so yah…

  41. IMGArY Says:

    dude fuck yeah surf! The Derf will rise again!!!! I will shut my mouth about my feelings regarding the current world, as the vote has spoken! but we should totally use multiworld for at least 1 previous server world. i think i have a copy of each of the 2 oldest ones somewhere, could be like a time travel history of teh3l3m3nts lol

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