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This is too funny!


Well this made me smile, i think we know who the real noob is... :)

and i remember when we had the classy griefers like audr09.

How the griefing race has gone downhill since, its quite sad :/

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  1. surfrock66 Says:

    We really didn’t have griefers for a while…suddenly now that we’re up to date again they’re back! I already got 3-4 just from the logs.

  2. petrispier Says:

    well they just don’t downgrade to the servers that aren’t up to date

  3. Kirbyf Says:

    I hope i twasnt other kirby! i liked him

  4. surfrock66 Says:

    It just keeps crashing so severely it breaks mcmyadmin, meaning the host has to reset it for us each time.

    It’s balls.  I’ve been disabling plugins one at a time.

  5. audr09 Says:

    Classy Griefer = Tear :)

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