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This is how owners roll son…

It's just another night in the office for Gorg and Will. This is how owners run shit...

gorghoppurr: /invsee jandrews

williamhcarlton: you're not on the server five minutes and the first thing you do is get ahold of tnt

jandrews: firstly, it wasn't mine and that guy griefed me

williamhcarlton: what is one supposed to think?

jandrews: i found my stuff in his box

williamhcarlton: lmao

williamhcarlton: who griefed you now?

williamhcarlton: the only people on are you and two of the owners

jandrews: the pimp with the huge treehouse

williamhcarlton: nice

williamhcarlton: look

williamhcarlton: we have a group system

williamhcarlton: you happen to know anyone on the server?

jandrews: no

williamhcarlton: stand by

jandrews: except sb

gorghoppurr: /msg williamhcarlton he also stole some stuff. i invsee'd him earlier. had 2 records and a diamond

gorghoppurr: /msg williamhcarlton *or two. i was just about to ban but was unaware if tnt was a cause for banning

williamhcarlton: jandrews

jandrews: yes

williamhcarlton: buh bye

williamhcarlton: /ban jandrews

williamhcarlton: lmao

Gorg: his name also seemed familiar so i was just wicked confused

williamhcarlton: what a dumbass

Gorg: i hate how legit every night you get the one late night moron

williamhcarlton: yeah, i searched him and didn't turn up anyting online

Gorg: ban his ass haha

williamhcarlton: he's banned

williamhcarlton: done deal

williamhcarlton: i said, "jandrews"

williamhcarlton: and he said, "yes?"

williamhcarlton: i said, "buh bye"

williamhcarlton: and instantly banned him

williamhcarlton: also

williamhcarlton: google "jandrews griefer"

williamhcarlton: seriously

Gorg: haha got a rap sheet?

williamhcarlton: motherfucker actually posts on a "griefer stories" forum

williamhcarlton: lmao

williamhcarlton: what a dumbass

Gorg: hahah like a serial griefer

williamhcarlton: yeah basically

Gorg: this game is so fucked

(Logs taken from April 1st, 2011)

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  1. Rtkermit Says:

    Hahaha like how William has to explain it afterward

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