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The Towers Development Part 2 (and an application)


well technically part 1 but let me explain

so as some of you may of seen i have built a tower to max sky limit on my land near walrus, this however is just the first part in a long process in which i have started phase 2

the phase 2 tower consists of a 64 x 64 base which will be made smaller slowly up to max block limit, think of it as a huge pyramid(ish) sort of thing but much sexier :D

this will now complete my development either oh no, not anywhere near.

phase 3 will be a traingular tower, much like phase 2, this will be located to create a triangle between all 3 towers, i will then wall them all off with a huge (but again very sexy) wall

once these phases are completed then the real work begins (because making huge towers is childsplay to me apparently) :D

the overall plan will be to create a bright and vibrant city around the wall, with transport networks, aquaducts and more...

time for completion of this project will range anywhere between a few months of solid work in creative to a year or more doing this all legit...

this is where my application comes into play so please read very carefully

i have been a member on this server for around a year and a half (i missed a few months because of my leg :( ) but i have pretty much always been around somewhere, and i am asking not only owners and admins but members alike whether one of these 2 could be done for me (big ask i know)

1) can i be made a temporary admin whilst i complete my project, so i may enter creative mode freely ( i have asked before but once i sign out i lose creative and it seems a hastle to ask every time for the next few months lol) now this would not be a permanant position as i have no intentions on becoming a full admin until everyone feels i deserve it. heres the second option

2) a new class is made where they can freely change to creative, only to be given to a small minority who can be trusted with such a power, think of it as mabye a mod or somehting, someone not quite with the power of an admin but with the ability to teleport and use creative.

i havent done anything like this before but if i could ask for feedback on this it would be great, and i wouldnt do this unless this project was impossible without creative, i hope to hear your thoughts very soon :) love you all

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  1. Omokisei Says:

    I TOTALLY agrre with the other class thing for warps and creative…I mentoined taht to surf for me kat and snowy (turkey is an admin, we make pig races…not enough homes)….ALSO I learned that if you are in creative and log out and back on you are still in creative…they must have added that in the update

  2. Omokisei Says:

    For grammar nazis: *agree *that

  3. pirate06 Says:

    haha :D i was put in creative only yesterday so i think its a permissions thing to stop people from having it forever :o lol and damn you and your bad grammer :D much love really

  4. augustus Says:

    power towers :P

  5. pirate06 Says:

    the power shall be over 9000!!!
    and i promise you this, when all is said and done i shall fire my lazeeeeerrrr

  6. Morate Says:

    I think Pirate deserves admin. (Love ya sexy. ;D) Also, perhaps the veteran class could have more privileges?

  7. Morate Says:


  8. pirate06 Says:

    grammar nazi’s unite!!!!!! lol :D love ya too morate

  9. Omokisei Says:

    That is a good idea Morate…. I have had creative for awhile though pirate building tracks…

  10. pirate06 Says:

    hmmmm…. not sure why it didnt stay for me then :/

  11. Morate Says:


  12. KingOfThePond Says:

    May as well promote you Pirate; You’ve been on long enough and you’re almost a server legend! Though, I think what you need is not creative, but people to help you (Maybe around a lot of people?). Buildings seem far more awesome when they’re legit. That aside, if you did do it in creative, I’d think you could just be promoted to admin…
    Note: I tried to keep my grammar correct…

  13. surfrock66 Says:

    So we’re just chatting over this…

    We’re worried creative is getting overused; especially getting rid of worldedit the goal is go stay closer to vanilla…

    Is the reason you want creative for the materials, or for flying? A discussion about /fly could be had, but all the creative is a little much :/

    Admin on the other hand…we can have a talk, no promises :)

  14. pirate06 Says:

    the creative is more for the /fly than the materials :)
    i aim to do as much of the building as humanly possible legit (as said in an earlier comment, just feels nicer) :D

    and no probs :) talking is fun

  15. Tom_Corbett Says:

    I think Pirate shall be promoted to admin.

  16. KingOfThePond Says:

    the only benefit of creative is /fly lol people on the server are so rich that you can trade for whatever you need anyways, or already have all the shiz you need

  17. Kirbyf Says:

    Hate to break it to you, but that proposed class you’re talking about basically is an admin. I can understand giving a few select members creative, but no to the invsee and teleport. At that point the only difference between that class and an admin is the power to ban people. I like the tower idea, and I support the creative bit. But a new class? No.

  18. Omokisei Says:

    ^Someone has their extra does of man period today! I did not mentoin at all anything about invsee or teleporting….And are you the owner here? NOPE. So I don’t see why you are acting like a hotshot here and making the final descision! Good day to you all.

  19. pirate06 Says:

    omo, im the one that mentioned it in the post :p
    LOL this should be interesting :D

  20. Omokisei Says:

    Yeah but didn;t he say the new class idea?

  21. pirate06 Says:

    no that was me lol :D actually i didnt mention invsee, not that i can see anyway :D lol

  22. Omokisei Says:

    Well my comeback also goes for you! :D

  23. Themadwhatever Says:

    Firstly: Velvet deserves admin, he’s awesome and in my opinion more responsible than some other admins who i will refrain from mentioning. He also WANTS to be an admin and understands the responsibility that it entails… again unlike some other people.
    Secondly: Many servers have 3 class of admin, a trusted who can tp and kick in case an actual admin isn’t on; an admin who can do admin stuff; and an owner who can take care of owner stuff. I personally think that having 3 classes is INCREDIBLY redundant.
    Finally: Why the fuck isnt the new update backwards compatible?! In the past x.x.2 and x.x.3 were compatible and my 1.4.2 got corrupted :(

  24. Kirbyf Says:

    Omo calm down lol. I was expressing distaste, and disapproval for the idea of a new class which pirate did say. wasn’t talking to you…jesus. And pirate I call editing shenanigans. Invsee was in your post, you just removed it.

  25. pirate06 Says:

    nooooooooooooo… :p

  26. Omokisei Says:

    Wwweeeellllll…..you could’ve clarified yourself more :D

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