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The Legacy Build Project.

The Legacy Builds Project!

Long time no post, so happy 2016 i guess. I've been back and playing for about a month now and i will briefly echo what CNC said previously and simply say... Let's make Teh3l3m3nts great again, as one of the longest running servers i feel there is far too much history within the maps of this server for it to simply fade into obscurity now.

So then i had an idea. The Legacy Build Project, and so to start off the Legacy build project (Where i will be rebuilding an item from each map from Teh3l3m3nts past i found the perfect one from where it all began, the Legacy 2.0 map. Guess the build and i look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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  1. IMGArY Says:

    I miss you guys, all of you. That said, I remember the days when this server was like 25+ people on 24/7, like 50 or so at all times. It was because we all had the same vision… originally anyway. It was meant to be a vanilla as possible server (then no PVP when that came into existence). I fucked up there. I made too many people owners based on our donation-based system. Then, all the plugins and unnecessary shit came along, because every change was vote based. When it became too much of a bullshit endeavor, I handed off main ownership because it had become something I never wanted it to be. Now the originators of this server (carian94, now goes by smashedbotatoes, and I IMGArY, have a new server at mc.icarey.net). It’s not advertised and we do have some of the original players from years ago. Feel free to hop on. Know that we’d rather shut our shit down than have what this server turned into happen again.

  2. PhoenixSeeker/shelbie8 Says:

    Wish the server was still up.
    I miss it so fuckin’ much, considering how much time I used to spend on it.
    That said, I hope to see some of you again.
    If anybody wants to hang out some time, just hit me up on skype or something.
    Username is Phoenix Seeker.

  3. Rhys George Says:

    Good news is it is still up, bad news is i havent seen anyone else on for about 2 months :( lol

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