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The Gullopolis Mob Grinder

We needed a mob grinder. We use a lot of string, and TONS of gunpowder. I use a lot of bone blocks, and we can sell string and zombie meat in the Villager Trading Hall (which will be shown soon). A general purpose grinder is needed, and though in 2-world I build a giant mess of one, it never performed well whereas this fills up 12 double chests in a matter of hours.

This has 2.5 block tall platforms which get flushed by dispensers powered by an observer redstone vertical line.  It's on a timer circuit which allows 30 seconds for spawning and 10 seconds for flushing; you can see the circuit design and discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/technicalminecraft/comments/ib8kho/can_i_simplify_this_redstone_circuit_it_pulses_on/

Originally mobs were killed by fall damage, but then I realized I missed armored mobs with that (and wasn't gonna raise the whole thing 10 blocks after it was already built), so then I added magma blocks, but witches just kept drinking fire resistance potions and living...so it's a magma block donut with an entity crammer in the middle.  Witch eventually wanders into the hole, DEAD.

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