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The Gullopolis Iron Farm

As I've evolved into more of a technical Minecrafter, it became obvious that in a new world, the best early game farm is an iron farm. We actually built a slime farm first, but this was because we needed a reason to dig to get blocks to build with...I'll showcase that later.

An Iron form basically makes hoppers free, rails free, minecarts free, and tools free. Also, once you start with villagers, 3 types trade iron for emeralds so it becomes an unlimited emerald generator. There's a large starter cost needing 8 hoppers and a cauldron (so, 47 iron), but more importantly it requires a name tag so your zombie doesn't despawn...THAT was a lucky find in a mineshaft. Oh the nametag requires an anvil to enchant so add 31 iron to the needs.

As with everything, ours is built off a branch of our floating city, using a glass and polished granite palette...I need to go back and replace the cobblestone without messing up the water. It's EXTREMELY productive...over a chest worth of stacks of iron blocks a day (maybe even more, we aren't keeping much track). We have also turned the poppies into a bonemeal farm. All in all, it's a tremendous resource.

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