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‘teh3l3m3nts Today’ Needs Help!

Hey guys! As you may know, Sbrough and I have been working on a newscast for the server since videos get more ad revenue. As of now, we've decided that the name will be teh3l3m3nts Today, and we've got the basic idea for the intro. We're a little stuck though. Here's what we need from you guys. If you have an amazing structure, please put the coordinates in the comments with a short description. You could see your structure on TV! :D Thanks!

    5 Responses to “‘teh3l3m3nts Today’ Needs Help!”

  1. Merijnwouda Says:

    If you need a jingle or something, i’ll happily compose something.
    i’m working on something secret, but when it’s finished i’ll give the coordinates (in a future episode or something)

  2. pirate06 Says:

    the pantheon :D just located by the spawn renovation project

  3. Kirbyf Says:

    you should have structure news, other world news, celebrity news (owners), and griefing news. I volunteer to help if i can

  4. KingOfKarpathia_Ethan Says:


    The town of old karpathia with a few roman style buildings ( Abandoned )

  5. Leafett Says:

    Castle Estel if you please.

    Inspired by the empty shell MCedit created castle designed by Revolve. It is being built block by mined block as a fully functional and furnished survival server multi-user outpost.

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