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teh 3l3m3nts tf2 team!

UPDATE: we have a steam group teh3l3m3nts we can all join that to make it easier to find each other.


we have plenty of people interested now, add my steam account Thepirate (has a picture of me) and then you will be able to find everyone else through there, not long before we can be blowing each others brains out :D

ok so, wilson came up with this idea, which i loved.

those of you with team fortress 2, we wanna set up a team, if you talk to me or wilson and we can add your steam account, we are ideally looking for 7 people at least, we already have 3, myself, wilson and painkiller.

we can spread the power of teh 3l3m3nts using the power of the sandwich!


    9 Responses to “teh 3l3m3nts tf2 team!”

  1. EpicBlob Says:

    I’m down

  2. poetzy Says:

    also it should be noted that team fortress 2 is free so you don’t need cash to do this just a decent computer. and don’t worry if you start playing and people have awesome stuff that you have no idea how to get. there is a play time based random drop system so you’ll get all the sweet loot eventually.

  3. pirate06 Says:

    what he said :D lol ive discovred that im good at sniper now so i can cover 3 roles, engineer, sniper and spy :D

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    I’m in

  5. Rtkermit Says:


  6. Merijnwouda Says:

    I’m in, although i’m terrible at fps games :D

  7. EpicBlob Says:

    Me, wilson, pain, poetzy, sbrough, kermit, pirate, and meri.


  8. pirate06 Says:

    ok if we get each others steam i.d’s then it will be easier to get in the same game :D everyone add me Thepirate, picture of me, easy enough lol this seems like an admin team lol :D lets get going!

  9. poetzy Says:

    wait if i remember we have a steam group teh3l3m3nts we can all join that to make it easier to find each other. should be able to find it when steam is back up. also i post on here under to names so poetzy=wilson

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