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A Boy And His’ DOGS

1.4 is OUT!

1.4 is out! Read about it here. What does this mean for us? ALL COMMANDS AND PLUGINS ARE BROKEN. Here's the order of events:

  1. Bukkit will need to be updated. Timeframe unknown, ask them, they assume hours or days
  2. Updated bukkit will have to be installed...that's at the mercy of our server.
  3. Each plugin will be tested and will likely be somewhat broken. As they're fixed, we'll activate them
  4. Once plugins are active, we need to make sure our configs aren't broke.

So that's the deal, no need to keep asking, clearly most of the wait is on the end of the coders and we're at their mercy. As soon as something is available we'll get it goin.


Notch posted to his blog about some upcoming updates (http://notch.tumblr.com/post/3940195633/the-state-of-minecraft) and not the least significant is TAMEABLE WOLVES!

Notice how they shake water off, and that you can make them do tricks and stuff? I'm so psyched, as an avid dog lover!