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FINAL UPDATE: Map is restored, go on and play you rascals!

Who would even with this? You couldn't use it all. You had to just destroy the chests and let the stuff drop. What a dick. You had to find the rooms AND clear them out. Every single item I ever mined was stolen. More than 150 double chests were emptied. Most of MrGoldstar1's chests in the area got punked too. They attacked most of my track and redstone, including much of my track to NewGullonia. Click "Read More" to see the rest of the pictures.

Update: Porjos got hit too. Someone has x-ray and found every chest. We have a backup and will be reverting to about 9AM on the 16th.

Make no mistake. I can restore my stuff. But when I find you...it won't be subtle.

MORE Updates: We've implemented a new plugin, LockChest. To use it, you type "/lockchest enable" and then right click a chest. Once you do that, you're in "Chest Select Mode" and can then type:

  • "/lockchest lock" to lock the chest
  • "/lockchest lock [playername]" to lock a chest and give someone else access
  • "/lockchest unlock" to open a chest back up
  • "/lockchest adduser [playername]" to add access to a locked chest to a player
  • "/lockchest removeuser [playername]" to remove access to a locked chest from a player

You have to enter "Chest Select Mode" for each chest you lock, which is a bit tedious, but it's better than having to make a million signs for some other sign-based access plugins. Remember, Admins and Owners can look in ANY chest, and no one except Owners has the ability to break a locked chest.

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