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Tubbellebunk trial

UPDATE: Trial 11/10 morning, 8AM Eastern Time, BE THERE :D


VERDICT HANDED DOWN: Based on the evidence provided by cncr04s, we can see that many ppl opened the chest including known griefers. Sb was right in that tubblebunk opened it, and it's really hard to find specific things in the logs because they're HUGE. cncr has a script that can crawl logs a bit easier, so he was able to find more evidence more quickly. Based on that, tubblebunk can't be held guilty alone for anything other than OPENING the chest. We brought up that he's been accused before of griefing, but he came to us proactively and asked for the compromised acct to be banned. Weighing the evidence, we found him NOT GUILTY and untarded him. We gave him a stern warning tho, as this is the 2nd accusation, if there's another stealing and his name is tied to the chest suspicions are going to be raised. We told him to keep his nose clean and his head down.

Tubbellebunk (a.k.a. Premium) was banned on November the 5th under suspicion of buglary and destruction of property. The following is evidence of the theft.

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Polls About Trials!

Now that the chaos of updating to 1.8 is mostly over, there's several people who have asked for trials. I am gonna post some logs about each of their banning, and then include a poll asking if they should have a trial, and if so would you support them coming back. I warn you, this is gonna be a HUGE post.

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