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Ok so heres a proposition…

so ive been thinking lately about how things are on the server and today whilst talking with wilson i had an idea, so here it is:

-scrap quest world

-scrap skyworld

-scrap update world

- keep nether, end (obviously lol)

-create new main world (with current main world being phased out over say a 3 month period)

-create new creative world (flatlands world type with creative, only open to 'trusted' member of say 4 months +)

-eventually scrap current main world

now this would mean only 3 worlds would remain, noob, new main and creative (excluding nether and end)

which is a lot less than the current 5. i thought that scrapping these worlds made sense as i have been tracking which worlds players are using and for over 90% of the time only main world was being used. This means by reducing or world sizes it would mean a cheaper server to run (unless we get a ton of new people) CORRECTION: the price wouldnt be affected by these changes, thanks cnc for letting me know.

tell me what you think in the comments below, i have a good idea in my head about the reactions to this proposition lol :D

UPDATE: ok this is good, i wrote this to start a debate like this and the feedback is mixed, i was testing the waters to see what people thought about change and how people would react. Dont worry there arent any plans to scrap main world and nor would i like to see it go as there are many, many great structures that would be lost if that were to happen. Thanks for writing on this post, its been interesting.