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1.0 Update

UPDATE: Surf here, still on vacation in Orlando, just checked on bukkit, still not updated. I'll be home late Saturday night, hopefully it'll be updated soon!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Minecraft 1.0!

Alpha and beta players will get the game for free of course.

We won't be updating the server to 1.0 until bukkit is out. Make sure to back up your 1.8.1 files (Windows and Linux) to play on the server until we update...you can switch back-and-forth between versions. Here's how to find the files that need to be backed up:

  • In Linux: ~/.minecraft
  • In Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/.minecraft
  • In Windows 7: C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • In OSX: Mac Version of 1.8.1--> /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Per the vote...main world will be unchanged, update world will be reset (as well as that shithole noob world), and 1.0 world will be created as a permanent world at the official game release state.

As always, we are at the mercy of Bukkit. Here's their development status (red dot = unstable build, blue dot = stable build, green star = recommended build...we're only allowed to install recommended builds). Here's Bukkit's 1.0 Discussion. Finally, we'll need to make sure all our plugins work...that may take some time because there's a lot and will be tons of changes. Just keep checking here :)