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‘teh3l3m3nts Today’ Needs Help!

Hey guys! As you may know, Sbrough and I have been working on a newscast for the server since videos get more ad revenue. As of now, we've decided that the name will be teh3l3m3nts Today, and we've got the basic idea for the intro. We're a little stuck though. Here's what we need from you guys. If you have an amazing structure, please put the coordinates in the comments with a short description. You could see your structure on TV! :D Thanks!

Seven Wonders of the server!

hi guys its pirate here,

i want to make a list in spawn showing co-ordinates for the 7 most outstanding creations on the server

so if you feel like something you have built should be on this list send some screenshots (at least one shot with co-ords)

to rhys.george@live.co.uk

me and surf will look over these and we will make a list shortly. Thanks guys

Welcome to the Blog

This is the chronicle of all happenings on teh3l3m3nts minecraft server.  View and be AMAZED.

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