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Quest world is a new map that will be our opportunity, as a server, to play the survival version of minecraft as a group. There are some principles for this world:

  • Don't bring in items/tools from other worlds.
  • No admin powers, and no commands. I am working to disable this technically, but until then, honor system.
  • Once we reach the end portal and fight the ender dragon, the world will be reset with a new map.
  • Ideally everyone should work together...but the more I think about it, the less offended I get at the idea of a rogue team making it a race, getting there first, and causing a world reset :D

There's some logistical issues...Portals to the nether may not work, and even in that case, there's still only 1 nether, so getting blaze rods is a little broken. Try to go to the nether honestly if you can...I don't wanna make a separate nether for this. But that's the deal...ENJOY!