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Sup all, Surf here! I'll be brief. Monitoring status of bukkit dev builds, hopefully we'll upgrade to 1.6.2 soon, but not yet.

I was with family over the weekend, so I was off...I got back, and no one was on...so I took the opportunity to update some hardware. Take a look at the video below:

Surf Builds in the New World…

All this faction fighting! What is the line between faction war and griefing?!? OMG DRAMA!

Taking from the courthouse in old world, it was clear that a place was needed for arbitration between factional groups. Nevertheless...this is new world and things aren't supposed to be as easy as they used to be. So I build a serene mountain monastery where issues can be worked out.

I have provided the following screenshot...everything you need to know is in this picture.

Dear Surf…

Nobody wants to write you a letter, Surf. :(

Next week is... Pirate! E-mail your letters to grahamcfoster@gmail.com by Thursday for them to be sent.


With all the adjustments that came with beta, seems trees were surf's biggest challenge


2010-12-21 16:44:43 [INFO] <surfrock66> clearly the tree growing algorithm changed.  These won't grow.


2010-12-21 16:54:06 [INFO] <surfrock66> these trees have 5 space ABOVE the saplings, are bathed in light, are on dirt...

2010-12-21 16:54:15 [INFO] <surfrock66> not a single 1 growing


2010-12-21 17:16:15 [INFO] <xhair> Is it just me or does coal and iron seem a lot more rare?

2010-12-21 17:16:19 [INFO] <surfrock66> yes.

2010-12-21 17:16:23 [INFO] <surfrock66> and trees grow slower


2010-12-21 17:37:34 [INFO] <surfrock66> trees take FOREVER to grow


2010-12-22 17:48:49 [INFO] <xhair> Reed grows sooo fast

2010-12-22 17:48:53 [INFO] <carian94> i got lucky and found 6 earlier

2010-12-22 17:48:57 [INFO] <surfrock66> all the plants doo

2010-12-22 17:49:03 [INFO] <xhair> Somebody took like 4 stacks of reed

2010-12-22 17:49:04 [INFO] <IMGArY> hi

2010-12-22 17:49:05 [INFO] <surfrock66> except trees


2010-12-21 15:13:01 [INFO] <surfrock66> these won't grow :(

Surf is Stupid at Trolling

So, Landon had nicknamed himself "I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches" and Surf didn't know that somehow. So the following transpired.

2011-06-10 14:54:08 [INFO] surfrock66: I dunno if you guys notice, when landon signs on I like to act like he's interrupting
2011-06-10 14:54:12 [INFO] surfrock66: and epic offensive conversation
2011-06-10 14:54:17 [INFO] surfrock66: I have one cocked and ready to go
2011-06-10 14:54:18 [INFO] theFrog: i didnt
2011-06-10 14:54:21 [INFO] surfrock66: when he comes on next.
2011-06-10 14:54:23 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: hello
2011-06-10 14:54:24 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] surfrock66: /list
2011-06-10 14:54:25 [INFO] TheFamtomMenace: sweet
2011-06-10 14:54:28 [INFO] surfrock66: DAMMIT
2011-06-10 14:54:31 [INFO] theFrog: ahahhah
2011-06-10 14:54:32 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: hahahahahaha
2011-06-10 14:54:32 [INFO] surfrock66: GOD DAMMIT
2011-06-10 14:54:34 [INFO] Grahan_Solo: HAHAHA
2011-06-10 14:54:37 [INFO] TheFamtomMenace: hahahaha
2011-06-10 14:54:47 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: fail surf
2011-06-10 14:54:48 [INFO] theFrog: ./list helps hahah
2011-06-10 14:54:51 [INFO] surfrock66: Fucking a fail.
2011-06-10 14:54:56 [INFO] surfrock66: I saw that...I thought it was gold :/
2011-06-10 14:55:01 [INFO] surfrock66: because I'm dumb
2011-06-10 14:55:09 [INFO] Grahan_Solo: do it 2 sum 1 else THATS NOT ON!