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Morate’s Pack v2.3

You guys are gonna love what I did with the villagers. (Assuming that you install my texture pack.)


Morate's Pack v2.3


It was just an average day on teh3l3m3nts... I was working on my Sky Coaster, and Kirby was collecting stuff from the mob grinder. All of the sudden, Kirby told me to go to the grinder, so I did. This is what I saw:


The mob grinder spawned a squid! Isn't this the best thing ever? I mean, what are the odds? Well, I'm off to kill the squid now. Just thought you guys would like this!



Apparently, it spawns squids a LOT. Sometimes it even gets glitchy and tentacles start reaching out of the walls.

That’s Not Where Squids Belong!

Kramer612 found a squid in a cave...I think this dude is a bit lost. (via freddiekclarke)