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Still No Bukkit Yet?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We just found a major bug in last-minute testing. Sorry guys, it'll definitely be tonight, but just a little while longer. WE HAVE A RECOMMENDED BUILD! Bukkit's server is being crushed, I'm trying to update right now, I'll send an e-mail when it's up. This is what the stupid screen looks like:

UPDATE: We're already on bukkit build 1160 :( Looks stable, but still no rec. Bugs to fix :/

The hell man! Still no bukkit for 1.0. I know at home I've upgraded to 1.0, so I have been playing single player, but I'm still keeping an eye on server stuff. All the info from the last 1.0 post is in the "read more" link at the bottom of this post.

Even if we're all on different versions and such, doesn't mean we can't hang out! How's guys 1.0 adventures goin? Anyone care to share? Share in the comments!

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