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Reports of the Server’s Demise…

...Are greatly exaggerated.

Yea, a few weeks ago, people were sure that since 0 people were on the server was dying. Not so. Due to finals for most of our student-aged members, my own cross country move, and some other stuff, a lot of the regs had to take a break. Additionally, the weekly updates from the Mojang team have made it so a lot of people are on incompatible versions of the game for the server.

So, I'll be posting some stuff over the next few days, showing off what ppl have been up to, if you want something featured e-mail minecraftpisspants@gmail.com

Coming soon

So, I had this great idea that will help to fund our server and could be really fun. Since videos count for more when it comes to Google ad revenue, what if we created a Youtube show that we could post each week? It could have screenshots, people's videos, and even news from the blog itself, as well advertising for people who want help on a certain ingame project. Either way, let me know what you guys think.


What a week folks! Obsidian died, we moved to a new hosting company, we got bukkit installed and painstakingly configured its setup, got our most recent backup restored, and are off and running! Here's a list of stuff you need to know:

We've officially committed to the new domain name, www.teh3l3m3nts.com, for this website and the server address (you still need to add the port to the server address in minecraft, so mc.teh3l3m3nts.com:1489).

We've set up the permission structure based on groups, and you can see the official list of commands per-group in the spreadsheet linked to on the sidebar. To see what group you're in, type /list.

Our map got uploaded, but we lost like 3 days of work from the last backup I downloaded. At this point it's been a week since any of us have worked on it, so hopefully it isn't too much of a shock :(

We'll be better about making backups public, you can see the link to the backup AND it's age on the sidebar. They're hosted to my (surf) dropbox in the public folder, so I'm not too concerned about data-loss. They're like 900MB, but whatev.

With the new control of the permissions and such, we're finally gonna list the server and see if we can't get some new players in. Hopefully we'll meet some cool people and get some epic structures going.

That's pretty much it, get the word out for the new address, if you haven't e-mailed us with contact info hit us up at minecraftpisspants@gmail.com and let's get back to some mining!

Bukkit Plugins: Please Vote!

Despite our recent issues with Obsidian Hosting, we had submitted a ticket to them almost a week ago to have bukkit activated in order to install some griefer protection. We wish to poll you all, the users, about which plugins you'd like to see installed.

There are 2 groups of plugins we're talking about: Essential server-management plugins which don't change the gameplay that much, and fun plugins like minecart mania that change the function of the game. We've split them into 2 separate polls.

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