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Yea, Zeeco needs a trial. Yea, I was lazy, and kermit is gonna do it. Knowing that...Hobo went to visit Zeeco's grave...omg look what he saw...

Skyville is DONE

Skyville is finnaly done expanding! NOW we're gonna focus on making the surface of it better! We have TONS of room so feel free to make a house!

Sincerely- Kirbyf

Special thanks to - Rtkermit, Morate, Viciwiz007, And Overjoyed_Worm!

Congrats to New Admins!

Congrats to the 2 new admins, rtkermit and kirbyf! We still need at least one more, but we really are looking for someone that plays late at night. If you have any nominations, leave them in the comments!

A Hell of a Find…

rtkermit was mining, and found coal, diamonds, gold, and iron in one pocket. DAYUM.

Being a Janitor Sucks

2011-06-03 13:25:48 [INFO] theFrog : surf actually give me funniest name you can think of
2011-06-03 13:25:59 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : hmm.
2011-06-03 13:26:00 [INFO] Graham : fackel
2011-06-03 13:26:19 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : need to think on that one.
2011-06-03 13:26:32 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : :o
2011-06-03 13:26:39 [INFO] FrogPwnsPiggy : i went there
2011-06-03 13:28:23 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] surfrock66: /nick rtk BukkakeJanitor
2011-06-03 13:28:25 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : there.
2011-06-03 13:28:28 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : I like that one.
2011-06-03 13:28:30 [INFO] BukkakeJanitor : eww
2011-06-03 13:28:38 [INFO] Graham : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2011-06-03 13:28:45 [INFO] Graham : ROFL
2011-06-03 13:28:52 [INFO] BukkakeJanitor : i like it tho :D
2011-06-03 13:29:09 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : that's funny to me, some poor old balding man in a jumpsuit walking into a post-bukkake room
2011-06-03 13:29:23 [INFO] Graham : haahaha omg stop surf
2011-06-03 13:29:25 [INFO] surfrock66 PWNS : with just a bucket, a mop, and dying dreams
2011-06-03 13:29:32 [INFO] Graham : cant stop laughing
2011-06-03 13:29:33 [INFO] BukkakeJanitor : cough surf in 20 years cough
2011-06-03 13:29:37 [INFO] Graham : JHAHAHAHA
2011-06-03 13:29:41 [INFO] Paddy : lol