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PVP fail

   Hey everyone it's rtkermit here. Unfortunately the PVP battle did not go as planed( no one listened cough BUSTA) but it was the first battle so it's not a big deal. Like everything else we learn from our mistakes. Also I failed to communicate properly with everyone and didn't talk on skype so today I bought a mic. So i would like to say sorry to everyone.But Apparently Wilson had a CTF match that went successful so least something went right. 
   Even though the battle didn't go as planned we have an awesome ice arena at 50k that was created by me ,ebicblob, wangsta,Gorg, and my friend Nike. So if anyone has any good ideas for using the arena for future events just contact me at knicks303@aol.com or ask me in game.
  I also would like to have a future PVP battle but I need everyone to listen in order for it to go as planned. I am not sure about the date so i ask everyone please to post the time/date that would best for you (especially owners please).
 Thank you for your time,