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1.0 Map…A Thought

So I've been thinking. We voted to keep main world, clear and update "update map," and make a 1.0 map. I never understood the whole specific 1.0 thing...it's just a point rev of the game really. Do we need a permanent map there?

Then I got to thinking. I'm loving 1.0 single player...hunting for stuff like a noob. Why can't we bring that to multiplayer? It brought me to the idea of treating the 1.0 map as a protected environment to play the actual game as a group.

Here's some parameters I thought of for this experience:

  • Everyone works together towards a single goal; the map isn't just for going into and diggin. We have other maps for that.
  • No bringing resources, with the exception of tools or armor, into the world. If we need it...mine/grow it.
  • Admins/owners spawn no items in this world. Game becomes pointless otherwise.
  • No warps allowed. No setting homes either. We build a house at spawn...when you die you go back to your real world house and have to map switch back to spawn.
  • When we find the portal to the end...we plan to go in as a group. No renegades. Everyone that helped get there gets to help in the fight.

Basically, we go in as a group, set up a necessities-only shop, make as-needed teams (think "you three...we need a lot of wood" "you two, hunt for ender pearls" "can the four of you make a wheat farm and stock us up?") We could even have a planned out nether expedition (for a 1.0-specific nether)

What think you?

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