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Upgrading to 1.2

UPDATE: We are live at 1.2! A few plugins are still not fixed, so we're waiting on those, here's the list:

Oh and update world is updated for 1.2, the previous world that was there is saved as another world.

On Tuesday we will be shutting the server off so that we can complete the upgrade to version 1.2. We have gotten most plugins we need to run, updated, so we are ready to rock! The upgrade process will take a while, the whole map needs to be converted. Also we will keep a backup of the 1.1 server files and map in the event there is some unforseen failure of the upgrade.

Some Updates Today

Surf here, we updated bukkit and a bunch of our plugins today. Tell me if something broke, as always with updates stuff can break :( Thanks!

Issues Resolved!

We resolved some issues:

  • People in the "Members," "Admins," and "Owners" groups can now go into the nether at will. The command /world will bring you to the spawn point inside or outside the nether...depending on which you're currently in.
  • For a while, only ops could place liquids. I think we have that ironed out.
  • Permissions should be tied to op/non-op, and they were. I think I've fully untangled them, and permissions should now be FULLY working correctly. Let me know if there are any command issues left, I'll fix 'em.