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Spawning Mobs in the New Cheatarena

So the new cheatarena is finished, so we played with spawning mobs. Did you know you can spawn any mob as a mount to any other mob? Like an enderdragon riding a pig? Or a Giant riding a ghast?

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Omo’s Lonley Island Spawn

Here's a group photo, sent in by Omo, of the group in front of his Lonley Island Spawn:

Zombie Pigman War

Omo sent a screenshot of some debauchery in spawn:

in spawn we had wilson spawn 1,000 zombies and 1,000 pigmen. Me, kips, hockey, gold, zeeco, buck and i think pain all experienced this war....

Omo Loves Squids

Another Omo picture...let me let him caption this one:

Well surf....here's a nice little snapshot of me, kips, and hockey humping squids in my underwater base....

Omo in his Omotat

Surf here...what with the move I'm super delinquent on posting stuff...so now I'm gonna catch up :D

Omo is clearly an entity that must be contained, so an Omotat was built, which is a habitat for an Omo. Here's the photos: