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Hey dudes! What's up? My family's gone so hopefully I'll get some more playtime now. This morning I backed up the logs, updated the ban list, and checked into if any of our plugins need updates; there's a few. Some of our plugins, like LockChest, are now obsolete and no longer being updated...I dunno if we should switch though, we'd have to re-lock all chests. I may try another plugin and then try to keep both installed up to a point...everyone loves Lockette. I also updated the map backups over in the sidebar.

Let's see what else. Lightning and merijnwounda (sp?) are planning another building competition, once we get some rule ideas ironed out we'll post about it here. We have a spawn griefer, but we have an idea who it is, but EVERYONE KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! Umm, other than that not much is going on, how are you all? :D