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Umm…Gorg…What happened?

So...I have nothing to say about this. Gorg was on the server alone, and this happened.

2011-03-26 00:21:21 rentis2damnhigh has logged in for the first time.
2011-03-26 00:21:21 rentis2damnhigh logged in with entity id 1475720
2011-03-26 00:23:26 [PLAYER_COMMAND] gorghoppurr: /list
2011-03-26 00:23:47 gorghoppurr: freshly baked bread
2011-03-26 00:23:51 gorghoppurr: oh everyones gone
2011-03-26 00:24:26 gorghoppurr: except for rentis2damnhigh
2011-03-26 00:24:37 gorghoppurr: whats up mang
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Notch tweeted about pistons...2 things stick out. 1) Water control gates 2) TRULY hidden doors, locked with pistons. Check it out: