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‘teh3l3m3nts Today’ Needs Help!

Hey guys! As you may know, Sbrough and I have been working on a newscast for the server since videos get more ad revenue. As of now, we've decided that the name will be teh3l3m3nts Today, and we've got the basic idea for the intro. We're a little stuck though. Here's what we need from you guys. If you have an amazing structure, please put the coordinates in the comments with a short description. You could see your structure on TV! :D Thanks!

Coming soon

So, I had this great idea that will help to fund our server and could be really fun. Since videos count for more when it comes to Google ad revenue, what if we created a Youtube show that we could post each week? It could have screenshots, people's videos, and even news from the blog itself, as well advertising for people who want help on a certain ingame project. Either way, let me know what you guys think.

Servercraft is Down

Guys, servercraft is having some downtime, we can't get into the backend right now or anything. We'll keep you posted right here!

*Oh, and don't worry about losing anything, I have the backups from both 11AM and 1PM EST downloaded, we won't lose anything.


MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Still down, I submitted a ticket to the server gods...no avail. We'll keep you posted.