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teh3l3m3nts National Museum

Sup fellow 3l3m3ntals! The demons possessing Surf were vanquished and sent back to the void. Surf himself had to die, but we all live in Minecraft where death is only temporary, so no big deal. Surf's possessed body, when it was destroyed, dropped some artifacts. I have collected these artifacts, and I intend to start a server museum near spawn. There's one problem though. I don't have the materials or the time.

If you'll remember, Pirate was in the same situation a while ago. What I'm asking is if I can temporarily be made an admin while I finish this project so that I can switch in and out of creative. While I have been pestering Surf to make me a full-time admin for quite a while, I would only need temporary admin for this project. (I've been part of the server for a year and 11 months, so don't worry about me going berzerk and griefing everything. I promise I won't.)

The second thing that I'm asking is whether anybody has anything to donate to the museum. It can be anything from a book that helped defeat Surf *cough cough* Omo *cough* to the first sword you ever made. Also, if you have any ideas about the museum, let me know.

Tell me what you guys think of my propositions in the comments!

Get Back at Google!

Remember how Google screwed us over a while back? Well, now's our chance to get revenge! I've started a Tumblelog in protest of Google's douchiness. It's really obscure right now, but I'm going to have some friends with lots of followers tell everybody about it, and hopefully it will grow into something big. With some luck, maybe we can even cripple Google. I need your help to get started though. Surf, I'm tasking you with submitting your Adsense story to the Tumblelog. As for the rest of you, if you have a bone to pick with Google, please submit that too. (And don't bother telling me that this crazy idea of mine will never work. That's what they told this guy.) Spread the word guys! I'm going after the big one!

The URL of the Tumblelog is antigoogle.tumblr.com.

Gold Snoop Lion Skin

Here's your skin, Gold. I couldn't copy the logo on his shirt exactly, so I decided to customize a little. Who's next?


Okay, listen up. I'm going to say this once and only once. If you haven't already left a comment asking for a skin, but you still want one, fill out this form. The wait list can be found here.

Kips Wombat Skin

I'm looking for some practice with skin-making, so I asked around for help a little bit. Kips wanted a wombat skin, so here it is!

If anybody else wants a skin done, leave a request in the comments. I'll do anything that wouldn't get banned on teh3l3m3nts.

Happy 1.3, everybody!