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MINECRAFT 1.0 IS COMING OUT THIS WEEK! Can you believe it? Personally, I've been with this server since September 2010, and some people have been here longer :o.

First, let me say this. No matter what, the current main map will still be around. I've personally spent almost a year building there, it's not gonna POOF go away. However, we have an opportunity with 1.0...We could move Main world to another world (like Legacy_2.0_Map) ans make Main World fresh, or continue on the path we have with Update World and keep new chunks there. Also, we could create a more permanant Update world called like 1.0 World, which is like update world but we won't reset it (so, in theory, since update world will still be there, there would be 2 Minecraft 1.0 Maps). Vote on that below.

EVEN THOUGH this is 1.0...we're still following the normal update procedures. We won't be updating the server until bukkit is ready to go. I think this won't be an issue...most people will play single player for a while (I actually expect multiplayer attendance to DROP while ppl play single player, then shoot up when veterans come back after beating single player and being interested in the game again.) Make sure to back up your game files so you can go between versions.

LAST THING: No matter what, update world will be reset. Get your stuff out of there. THIS IS YOUR DUE WARNING! Spread the word about that.

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