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Dear teh3l3m3nts… Part deux

So here's what's going down. Since Bukkit is refusing to cooperate, I'm going to drop the mail system until after the recommended build is released. During this time, I'll be making archives of all the people who have used the server. This will make it easier on me to choose who's next in line for a letter. Sorry, Pirate, but no letter this week!

Dear Surf…

Nobody wants to write you a letter, Surf. :(

Next week is... Pirate! E-mail your letters to grahamcfoster@gmail.com by Thursday for them to be sent.

Dear teh3l3m3nts…

Hey guys, it's Morate. I'm starting a letter system where a group of letters will be delivered to one server member/admin/owner each week, on Thursday. (I picked Thursday because it sucks and maybe getting a few nice letters will prevent somebody's suicide.) Here's how it will work: E-mail your letter to the specified person to me exactly as you want it to show. My e-mail is grahamcfoster@gmail.com. As I get the letters, I will add them to a draft that will be timed to upload on Thursday. (LIKE A BOMB. They always explode on Thursday. One of the many reasons Thursday sucks.) I will NOT accept letters on or after Thursday. We will send letters to a different person each week. The first week will be... drumroll, please... Surf. It will be sent on the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Again, the e-mail is grahamcfoster@gmail.com. I will pick the one letter I think is the best (for whatever reason) and make it bold.Surf, if you don't mind, could you help me complete the Google Docs list I shared with teh3l3m3nts? It's self-explanatory. Thanks guys! See ya in 1.0!


P.S. Be sure to include your username. No anonymous crap. I CAN and WILL get your name. If I can't, I won't send your letter.