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Kirby’s Lava Palace

So...SOMEHOW...an entire lake got turned to lava some time back. KirbyF found it on Dynmap, and decided to check it out. After learning it had been done semi-officially, he decided to build a castle there. Check it out!

Skyville is DONE

Skyville is finnaly done expanding! NOW we're gonna focus on making the surface of it better! We have TONS of room so feel free to make a house!

Sincerely- Kirbyf

Special thanks to - Rtkermit, Morate, Viciwiz007, And Overjoyed_Worm!

Congrats to New Admins!

Congrats to the 2 new admins, rtkermit and kirbyf! We still need at least one more, but we really are looking for someone that plays late at night. If you have any nominations, leave them in the comments!