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Help wanted!!

hey guys/gals from Teh3l3m3nts.com

As you may know, I’m building an underground train system but, it got too much for me and Kat(Thaum,Oktariini) to handle it on our own. I’ve been digging the tunnels and Kat has been building the stations. Our latest tunnel is waaaaay to big to dig on my own and there is a even bigger tunnel planned!

So here is my question:

Which of you guys wants to help me dig the tunnels?All the ores you will encounter are for you to have.

I’m currently discussing a decent reward for you hard work(besides your name on the” Board of Heroes!”)

Email me if you want to help: boukebrink@gmail.com

Greets BoukeBrink,

PS for extra information click this link: http://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/?p=3268

‘teh3l3m3nts Today’ Needs Help!

Hey guys! As you may know, Sbrough and I have been working on a newscast for the server since videos get more ad revenue. As of now, we’ve decided that the name will be teh3l3m3nts Today, and we’ve got the basic idea for the intro. We’re a little stuck though. Here’s what we need from you guys. If you have an amazing structure, please put the coordinates in the comments with a short description. You could see your structure on TV! 😀 Thanks!